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Infographic: What Would Santa Save?

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at 8:58AM Thursday December 16, 2010
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With less than two weeks until the big day, the North Pole is busily humming with elves and reindeer frantically making last minute preparations for Santa's big trip.  Too bad Santa doesn't shop online.  He would have saved a lot of time as well as a boatload of cash--especially if he used
We estimate that with an average of 3.5 presents given to girls and boys on Santa's "Nice" list, he would have saved $120 billion dollars using our online coupon site--$7.5 billion in the United States alone. 

(Click on image for full-sized image.)

(Click on image for full-sized image.)

Factoring in the cost of reindeer feed, Elf health insurance and Mrs. Claus' complaints that Santa's always working, isn't it time he started using

How much money have you saved on your holiday shopping by using online coupons?

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