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Left-Handed Site Design is Taking the World By Storm

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by LeftyMalone)
at 2:30PM Monday August 12, 2013
under Stuff We Like

Lefty. Southpaw. Molly-dooker. To the left-handed community, these slurs are a constant reminder that we are second-class citizens. A bad dancer has two left feet, a passive-aggressive remark might be a left-handed compliment, and an expired bit of food has "taken a left turn at Stinktown." Beyond the cruelty of such expressions, the idea that those of the left-handed persuasion are inferior is downright false: we have better visual, math, and creative abilities than the other 90%, not to mention advantages in athletics like tennis and hand-to-hand combat. Best of all, we're three times more likely to work in SEO. In fact, if you're reading this, you're most likely left-handed. Greetings, fellow Kings of Content.

With all these advantages, we still get the run-around with right-handed power tools, knives, guns, scissors, and other instruments of death. We are still forced to smear not-yet-dry ink across our brilliant prose. We handle these setbacks with the gentle grace that is characteristic of the left-handed, but when we are asked to to ignore rightism on the world wide web, that is simply too much to bear. Scrollbars grace the right side of the browser, login links hide in the upper right of pages, call-to-action buttons sit on the right side of copy.  Is this any way to to treat the more wealthy segment of college graduates? The majority of recent US presidents? That's not right...or shall we say, that's not left.

At, we're in the business of helping people save money, no matter their background, creed, or handedness. So in our drive for innovation, we've created a left-optimized responsive design. We call it Leftsponsive™ design. We're not trying to please smarter, wealthier, more creative shoppers in order to turn a quick buck. No sir, we'd never do that. We're just trying to serve a historically underserved population, a massive addressable audience that is 500 million strong.

We've created a web experience that can be better accessed with a left-handed mouse. The page scrolls from the left, buttons are aligned left, and key information is placed on the left side of the screen. We present this paradigm-exploding new interface whenever we detect a left-handed user. Telltale signs are extra clicks where there are no buttons, difficulty grabbing the scrollbar, and general "navigational malaise."We also activate the Leftsponsive™ interface whenever the user's microphone picks up certain key phrases, such as, "Oh no, another right-handed website!" or, "Honey, I've spilled another drink with my clumsy, useless right hand."

The results have been tremendous. Click through is up 30%, conversion is up 50%, and awkward fumbling is down nearly 75%. We have more users thanking us for placing the registration link where they can find it--on the top left--and fewer users sending us their carpal tunnel-related medical bills. Millions of new users have found a haven in a right-handed digital world, a way to save money without the contempt and scorn they would expect to find in a coupon site.

As you can see from the screenshots below, Leftsponsive™ design involves groundbreaking changes. We've moved the search bar to the left side of the screen, and have done the same with our logo and "About Us" section. What's more, all "calls to action," as we in the industry call them, have also been moved to the left side of the screen.

leftonsive header

leftonsive body

If you'd like some tips on how to convert your site, feel free to leave a comment, and we'll get right back to you. Or, shall we say, left back.