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The Valentine's DVD Compromise List

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at 12:58PM Friday February 12, 2010
under Holidays

Budget conscious couples all over will most likely be avoiding the expense of overpriced flowers, bling-y jewelry and gourmet chocolate in favor of a low-key, yet romantic night in.  After enjoying a delicious Beef and Mushrooms dinner--or a simple but tasty gourmet pesto pizza--followed by chocolate dipped strawberries, no doubt more than a few of you will cuddle up together to watch a romantic movie.

And here's where the trouble ensues...
I must confess that the typical "chick flick" has little appeal to me.  I'm no fan of Meg Ryan (or Kate Hudson or insert the latest fluffy-haired ingenue here) movies--the thought of adorable meet-cute sequences unfolding against the musical backdrop of a Celine Dion song makes me break out in hives.  But most girls love a heartwarming romantic comedy.

Most boys, however, don't.

So whether you're a girl who loves romance wanting to compromise with your guy who'd rather be watching SportsCenter--or a guy who prefers actual explosions to the sparks of movie hero/heroine chemistry--or someone like me who was rooting for poor Bill Pullman's character throughout the insipidness that was "Sleepless in Seattle," here are some his and her movie alternatives to make everyone happy:


If you can make it through  "You've Got Mail" without wanting to gouge your eyes out, more power to you.  Otherwise try these less treacly suggestions:

1.  To Have and Have Not:  For you, a classic noir thriller.  For her, the timeless chemistry of Bogie and Bacall.  Not to mention the come hither banter of the witty dialogue:  "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and... blow."

2.  Bonnie and Clyde or True Romance:  For her, a classic couple and love story.  For you, lots of violence and bloodshed.  That's awesomeness times two!

3.  Shaun of the Dead:  For you...well, zombies and comedy.  For her, the hero desperately trying to save his beloved from a fate worse than death.  That being "un-death" I guess.  It could be argued that the REAL love story is between Shaun and his BFF, Ed--but let's not quibble here...

4.  I Love You, Man:  Speaking of bromances, this Paul Rudd/Jason Segal comedy is a winner.  You get to drool over Sydney's most excellent man-cave, she gets to enjoy Rashida Jones portraying quite possibly the coolest girlfriend EVER.

5.  Die Hard II:  I know you're thinking, "How am I going to sell this Bruce Willis action-thriller as a Valentine's Day movie?"  Easy.  Despite being set at Christmas time, the whole reason for John McClane kicking butt and taking names is so that his dear wife Holly's plane will be able to land safely.  For her, husbandly heroics and devotion.  For you, gunfire, bloodshed and explosions.  Yippee-ki-yay!


How do you indulge your need for "happily ever after" with his aversion to anything sweet and sappy?  Easy--just add sports, ghosts or hired assassins!

1.  Bull Durham:  For you, Kevin Costner and the electricity he generates with Susan Sarandon.  And of course that speech by Crash Davis which ends with "
I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Swoon...For him, baseball! 

2.  Tin Cup:  Another Kevin Costner flick--this time his love interest is Rene Russo.  For him, golf (which is infinitely more interesting in this movie than watching a PGA tournament on TV); for you, a guy-gets-girl happy ending.

3.  Grosse Point Blank:  John Cusack has long been a rom-com fave and his turn as a conflicted hit man makes for a great date night movie compromise.  For him, violence and bloodshed.  For you, Lloyd Dobler--sigh!

4.  Truly, Madly, Deeply:  This British film starring Alan Rickman (as a good guy for a change...) and Juliet Stevenson is the non-sugarcoated version of "Ghost."  For him, a little supernatural action.  For you, a sweet reminder of the "capacity that people have to love."

5.  The Princess Bride:  Part comedy, part love story, part fairy tale, part action-adventure, this movie has something for everyone.  For you, the relentless pursuit of Westley for Buttercup; for him, "
My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

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What compromise DVDs do you recommend?  Let us know in the comments!