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Pumpkin 411 with Our DealPros: Carving, Cooking, Recipes & More

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at 6:00AM Wednesday October 10, 2012
under DealPro Tips

This week we're celebrating everything pumpkin!  From easy ways to carving a pumpkin to eating some pumpkin pizza, our DealPros have your pumpkin 411 all covered.  So if you're in need of some creative tips, money saving ideas or just a good read, we've got something for you!

Pumpkin carving basics

Every time this year, my kids want me to carve them a Jack-o-lantern.  Last year, I nearly cut my fingers off using a kitchen knife to carve a medium sized pumpkin.  After my near mishap, this year I was going to assign those duties to my hubby.  Well after reading up on How to carve a pumpkin at Mommy's Wish List, I'm giving it another go.  Wish me luck!

Free pumpkin carving patterns and templates

For me, carving the most basic stencil on a pumpkin is like winning the Olympics.  But I know many of you are far more advanced than myself and would like a little bit of a challenge.  If you're looking for some interesting and unique patterns without breaking the bank, The Prudent Patron lists 10 Sites for Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Templates.
Choosing a pumpkin to cook

Have you ever wondered what types of pumpkin would be good for cooking?  I just assumed that any pumpkin you got at the patch would also make for a good pumpkin pie.  While you can cook any pumpkin, size definitely matters when it comes to the taste and sweetness of it.  Try maximizing the taste of your pumpkin recipe with Smart Spending Spot's tips on How to choose and cook a pumpkin + recipe for pumpkin pizza.  Oh my goodness...that pumpkin pizza looks divine!

Yummy pumpkin dessert recipe

Decorating a pumpkin can be fun, but let's be real, eating the pumpkin is way more fun.  As I write this, I can taste my mom's pumpkin porridge.  There's nothing like it and it really hits a spot on a rainy Fall day.  And you know, pumpkin desserts are just as fine.  If you want an element of surprise this pumpkin season, try Thrifty NW Mom's Pumpkin Surprise. It's a dessert made of pumpkin, so you really can't go wrong but make sure you have a sweet tooth because it's really really sweet!

Are you in the mood for some pumpkin now?  I'm practically salivating.  Whether your carving, cooking or craving some good 'ole pumpkin, take advantage of them being in season because you can score some pretty sweet deals.  Come back next week to get Fall decorating tips from our DealPros!