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Savings Secrets: 4 tips for traveling cheaper

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at 9:52AM Monday April 29, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

I still remember the time I traveled all the way from Atlanta to Colorado Springs in a van with two kids and a grasshopper that was determined to navigate from the steering wheel. 

26 hours in a car, 1 stop at the laundromat, lots of coupons for restaurants along the way, and a really cool app on my phone from Valpak to help me find local deals. 

Summer is fast approaching, and that means we're all thinking about ways to save on that vacation this year. Maybe you've already booked your travel, or maybe you haven't. Either way, yo - I got some tips for you. 

How can you really save? I'll tell you my ultimate secrets right now....

1. It's road trip time! Seriously, with the cost of airfare these days, plan a trip with less distance and hit the road. This will especially save you if there are multiple people coming with you on a trip. 

2. Have some good money saving apps on your smartphone. You will find these invaluable for not only saving you money but also saving you time (which is also money yo!). Here are some good apps to use while you travel:

  • Valpak app - helps you find local coupons for restaurants and other small businesses along the way. 
  • Tripit - travel itinerary app saves you time and keeps you organized. 
  • Groupon - check for the daily deals available in the areas you plan to be visiting. 
  • Foursquare and Yelp - both apps will sometimes allow you to get discounts at various places by checking in. 
  • Google Maps or Mapquest - do yourself a favor and have a good map app to avoid getting lost. 
3. Pack yourself some good snacks. This is especially true if you are hitting the road. But even if you are flying, have some good snacks tucked in your bag so that you're not tempted to buy that over-priced candy bar.

4. Plan to have a staycation. This is really the best way to save money on a vacation this year. Plan to stay in town and do the "tourist thing" in your local area. Go to local attractions, see a play, hit the waterpark....etc.... You could get a whole lot done in a week, have more fun and spend less money by staying home and enjoy the local sights. 

What are some of your tips for saving money on your vacation this year?

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Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at