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SmartyPants Gummy Vitamin Supplements Now Available for Adults

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 8:54AM Tuesday November 1, 2011
under Product Review

I've tried almost every kid's multivitamin on the market, including store brands, and nothing beats SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins.  If there was a "perfect" multivitamin, this would be it.

First of all, it's a combination multivitamin with Omega 3s (DHA+EPA derived from eco-friendly small fish) and Vitamin D (100% of US RDI).  For parents who are concerned with sugar, instead of using high fructose corn syrup these gummies contain organic cane sugar.  For kids who have allergies, they are gluten and casein-free.
I discovered these after numerous failed attempts at having my children take Omega 3s in both liquid and gummy form.  They couldn't get past the fishy taste and even the ones that were coated with extreme amounts of sugar, had an odd aftertaste (tasted like anchovy covered in sugar).

With studies linking Omega 3s and brain development in children, it was so important for me to find the perfect Omega 3 supplement that also tasted good.

With SmartyPants, you got the best of all worlds in a single all-in-one multivitamin (Omega 3s, Vitamin D + Multivitamin). So instead of getting just one key nutrient, you got the entire spectrum of key nutrients.

But what ultimately sold me on this multivitamin was that they are delicious. They taste like a normal gummy and we couldn't detect any sort of odd taste to it (now I have the problem of my kids begging me for more).

Because they were so good, I also started to take the gummies myself.  Instead of taking the recommended 4 gummies for kids, I took 6.  But now I don't have to "steal" (as my kids might say) out of my children's bottle.  The company just came out with SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Grown-Ups.

SmartyPants recently sent me some travel-sized single packets and they look and taste identical to the kid's version.  It's just as good and offers the same premium quality.  The only difference is that it has the correct dosing for adults which is something that I have been waiting for. 

And get this, the SmartyPants for Kids is only $19.95 and for Grown-Ups is only $21.95 (If you select monthly auto-ship, you save 10%).  With everything you get (Multivitamin, Vitamin D, DHA Supplement), you save approximately $20 vs. if you were to purchase them separately.

To make everything much more sweeter, Smartypants is offering our readers 15% off everything from their store for a limited time.  I am definitely going to stock up on these!