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St. Patrick's Day On The Cheap

By (view all posts by BeckyHarks)
at 5:22PM Thursday March 15, 2012
under Holidays

So you're Irish. Or at least, you pretend you are because on St. Patrick's Day, EVERYONE is Irish for a day. Right? Right. You want to party it up – who doesn't? It's a day for everyone to drink green beers, dress up like a Leprechaun and kiss all the Irish people you know (and some you don't!). But you want to do something special this year. You want to do St. Patty's Day on the cheap. Is it even possible? How can YOU have the luck of the Irish without breaking your bank? Listen closely and find out.

First and foremost, the most important thing to do on St. Patrick's Day is to AVOID ALL BARS. I know that sounds all Debbie Downer, but I promise you, between the ridiculous cover charges and obnoxious Irish (or decidedly UN-Irish folk) you won't have a good time. If you do insist upon going out, find yourself a nice relaxed dive bar, away from ridiculous cover-charges, rowdy frat boys and dyed green beer.

If you really want to party on the cheap (and you do), have a party at home. There's nothing wrong with inviting people to a St. Patrick's Day potluck at your house. Make sure everyone knows to bring a dish (or beer) to pass, throw some green dye into your beer, bake a green cake and celebrate safely and on the cheap at home. You can even show off your mad cooking skills to your jealous friends by making authentic corned beef and cabbage! In addition to saving yourself boatloads of cash, you're avoiding all of the rowdy party-goers and obnoxious college kids who will probably vomit on your feet before the night's through. And, the Captain Safety in me has to say, it's going to allow you to drink responsibly.

Then, and this is a temptation you're going to have to resist – ignore all of the cheap green stuff for sale in the stores. Unless you've been saving some from last year or plan to reuse these items next year, don't do it. These items are absurdly marked up and usually of shoddy quality. If you have a green shirt – wear it. If you don't, pick one up AFTER St. Patrick's Day.

Hope that these tips are going to help you stay safe while partying like you're actually Irish.

Do you have any other suggestions for celebrating St. Patrick's Day on the cheap?