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Top Ten Social Media Savvy Companies

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at 11:55AM Tuesday December 7, 2010
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We live in a world of instant gratification. The two best examples of that desire are Twitter and Facebook. In recent years, social media has exploded onto the scene, giving users the ability to connect with millions worldwide. All at the click of a button.

No time to connect with friends? No problem. Get on Facebook and you can see what they are up to with photos, status updates and wall posts. Want to know what your favorite celebrity is up to? Follow them on Twitter for up to the minute updates of their latest trip, shopping excursion or product endorsement.

What happens if you want to see what's going on with your favorite brand? Easy. Follow or fan them. Here's a list of the top ten companies who are very active on the social media circuit.
  1. Starbucks: Looking for a deal on your morning cup of joe? Starbucks has over 18 million fans on Facebook and posts a daily deal. Today's deal is a free six-pack of VIA flavored coffee with purchase of a 16 oz VIA tumbler. Or if you prefer, follow them on Twitter.

  2. Victoria's Secret: With over 10.4 million fans on Facebook, Victoria's Secret knows how to lure them in. They post events, sales and deals directly on their page. Apparel, lingerie and shoes are posted on there so fans can view and discuss before making a purchase.

  3. Whole Foods: I didn't even know Whole Foods was on Twitter. But, with over 1.8 million followers, they must be doing something right. Boasting stellar customer service, Whole Foods strives to answer any questions you may have about their products or stores. It's always good to get personal attention.

  4. Zappos: Love shoes and humor? Follow Zappos. Tony Hsieh, CEO, actually does the tweeting himself. You can find interesting topics from personal to corporate matters if you follow him. Over 1.7 million other people do.

  5. JetBlue: Another customer service-oriented account, JetBlue posts deals and answers any questions you may have. Great account to follow especially during the hectic travel season.

  6. Southwest: Follow them for deals, contests, answers to your questions and general customer service.

  7. American Apparel: Customer service, deals and sales and fan interaction. One time a customer tweeted about bad service at a store and AA got in touch with them to sort it out. Taking the extra step to reach out to fans earns them extra points from me.

  8. Sephora: Follow them for the latest news, promo codes, sales and events. They are also pretty good about following you back. Customer service and personal attention--I like!

  9. Kohl's: This department store is very active on Facebook with over 3.2 million fans. I've found some great deals on there that weren't posted anywhere else. They are also good at responding to questions with a few hours.

  10. Nordstrom: Great customer service. I just saw them post a reply to someone who wasn't happy with their shopping experience. Nordstrom offered to help them through DM (direct message). They also post events, shopping tips and gift ideas.

As you can see many companies are tweeting and Facebooking to stay in touch with their customers. Because without the fans and customers, there would be no company.

What are some companies you follow or fan and why?