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Wacky Product of the Week: Bacon Soap

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at 8:58AM Saturday January 29, 2011
under Stuff We Like

I have quite a few friends for whom bacon is pretty much one of their four major food groups (the other three being beer, pizza and buffalo wings...).  For one friend, the bacon treat is a Vosges Haut Chocolat, Mo's Bacon Bar, another was recently the recipient of a "Bacon of the Month Club."  But for those of you for whom monthly deliveries of bacon is still not enough to feed your bacon addiction, this week's wacky product is just for you:  compliments of ThinkGeek I present to you Bacon soap.
Oh sure, you might indulge in a regular bacon cheeseburger or a daily BLT sandwich or bacon--wrapped anything, but if you REALLY love bacon so much you wish you could BATHE in it, here's your chance. 

According to the site description:
"It's marbled like real bacon. It smells like real bacon. And while it doesn't taste like real bacon (trust us), it sure does a body good. A dirty body, that is."
"Just think: if you had some Bacon Soap you could have that scent of bacon, without risking all the microbes associated with rubbing your naked body with raw pork products."
At $5.99 for a bar, it cost nearly as a pound of real bacon, but hey--no greasy microbes!  Ladies, forget Chanel or pheromones, the way to man's heart is most likely a bacon-scented body.  Of course, you're also likely to be popular with all the neighborhood dogs, but that's a small price to pay to surround yourself with the fragrance of the world's greatest food, eh?

What do you think of this product? Are you a bacon lover?  Do you love it enough to wash with it daily?