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Wacky Product of the Week: Banana Opener

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at 9:58AM Saturday January 7, 2012
under Loose Change

This week, I may have possibly found the dumbest, most ridiculous, laziest, funniest thing in the entire world. I honestly don't know if any future blog post could ever beat this insane wacky product, because...well, I mean, there's really no excuse for this level of laziness.

I can see purchasing some of the other random stuff I've blogged but this? No. No! There is just no reason in the world unless you are so rich that you're paying your friends to use this in front of you while you laugh at their misfortune.

The Banana Opener, from the German website Design3000, is just that: a friggin' banana opener!
I kid you not--this thing actually exists, and I would bet money this company has sold an item or two due to their snazzy marketing quip of: It's so appeal-ing it's bananas! Okay, they didn't actually make that up, but I think that would only add to its sell-ability at this point.

The Banana Opener does what it says--it opens or peels your bananas. That's it. Because I guess you don't have the time in your busy schedule to peel your own banana, but you certainly have the time to find this little gizmo in your drawer of Useless Kitchen Utensils and pop it over your banana to peel away all the friends who watch you do this and think you're insane.

I mean, really. I think I can be bothered to spend the extra twenty seconds it may take me (benefit of the doubt--I bet I could peel a banana faster than this thing) so long as I don't wind up looking foolish with my banana-peeling tool.

Sigh. Germany, I thought you were better than this.

Also, does the monkey at the mouth of this thing look like Mickey Mouse to anybody else? Mickey monkey. Disney better get on that ASAP.