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Wacky Product of the Week: TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament

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at 9:58AM Saturday November 12, 2011
under Loose Change

I know. I know what you're going to say. It's too early to start shopping for holiday gifts! But really, this week, a ton of stores have already started sharing sneak peaks into their Black Friday sales, which are only two weeks away. So my brain is in holiday mode already, and walking into any store, you'd be hard-pressed not to think it wasn't already December with all the decorations and holiday buzz in the air.

So this week, a fun gift for the annoying people in your life: TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament.
I bet you're wondering why you'd want to give annoying people a Christmas present. Wonder no more. With this ornament, you can annoy them all season long, without them ever suspecting a thing! Feel free to wrap it in a nice little box with fancy wrapping paper, maybe even a bow, and write an affectionate card professing your undying friendship to them forever...then lay in wait as they hang the ornament and slowly go insane.

You'll be sniggering with glee when they hang the ornament up, as it periodically emits beeps, mosquito tones, Christmas crickets, and elf giggles at random intervals, making anybody who has this around them go mad trying to figure out where the noises are coming from.

Pretty crafty way to say Happy Holidays and at $12 a great gag gift to boot.