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Proof that Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands

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at 4:00PM Thursday September 17, 2009
under Stuff We Like

There are inventions that are life transforming: the wheel, the electric light, the telephone, the airplane, the internet. There are inventions that make life easier and better: iPods, laptops, microwave popcorn. And then there are inventions that are not so much proof of human ingenuity as they are evidence that given time, access to power tools and a dream, man can indeed build a better mousetrap.

Powered by batteries.

The following are a few products that might not be life transforming, but are certainly good for a chuckle or two:

  • Automatic Pancake Machine - This item from ChefStack can crank out 200 pancakes an hour. Great for a large brunch where you're planning on serving--oh, a hundred or so--or if you want to open your very own IHOP.

  • Cruzin Cooler - You have your basic ice chest, then for convenience you have a cooler on wheels. But why settle for a dragging a wheeled cooler behind you when you can ride on TOP?

  • Grooler - Speaking of multi-purpose products, how about this one? It's a grill, it's a cooler, it's a Grooler! The makers of Bud Light came up with the ultimate tailgating accessory. Beer and burgers not included.

  • PartyBike - Sorry Bud Light, but as far as multitasking goes Metrofiets has got you beat. According to Gizmodo:

"The bike features 2 kegs in the cargo bin along with 25 pounds of ice--but the beer also runs through a 50 foot cooling coil to ensure that it reaches your glass ice cold from the tap. It also features a rack designed to hold a stack of pizza boxes and a music system along side the rear tire."

Bike, pizza transporter, beer keg and boombox all-in-one. Awesome!

Got any cool ideas for inventions? Share them below in the comments.