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The Lowdown On Windows Phone 7

By (view all posts by Yasarh)
at 10:52AM Thursday February 18, 2010
under Product Review

I was going to start this post by pointing out that every time Apple comes out with something new Microsoft copies it and makes it better.  However, I've decided to leave my opinion out of this one.  Instead I'm just going to give you a quick rundown of all the awesome features Windows 7 Phones will have.  For those of you who haven't heard, Microsoft is releasing an operating system to compete with the iPhone. 

Here are some of the cool features it's going to have:
  • Zune Marketplace: The Zune was a failure on many levels.  It didn't stand a chance at competing with the iPod Touch or iPhone like Microsoft was hoping it would, but it was still a cool MP3 player (I actually bought one).  Microsoft is going to implement the Zune Marketplace into it's operating system so you can buy music anywhere you go.  What makes it better than the iPhone is that you can download almost any song you want with their subscription service.  If you don't want to subscribe you can still buy individual songs.  You'll also get access to movies and all kinds of apps.
  • Social Networking: When browsing through your contacts, you'll get more than just their usual information (phone number, address, email, etc.).  It gives you access to their Facebook information and Windows Live, for anyone who actually uses that.  Twitter isn't currently supported, but I'd bet anything it will be soon after it's actually released.
  • Xbox Live: Microsoft has decided to make it's Xbox Live service mobile.  I'm a big fan of the Xbox Live arcade games so this is pretty exciting for me.  I don't play enough video games at home so now I can play them everywhere.  I don't actually know what games are going to be on their phones, but Microsoft is the king of software so you can count on some good releases.
  • Microsoft Office: For those who want to use their phones for business purposes instead of, or in addition to, fun and games, you'll be able to use Microsoft Office on your new phone.  You'll get access to Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and more.
  • Different Phone Choices: By creating a mobile operating system instead of a new phone, Microsoft has opened the door to hardware companies to be creative with how you end up using the system.  They have basic minimum requirements so the phones aren't a flop, but with different companies competing to get your business I suspect there will be some pretty cool features added.

These are just some of the features Windows Phone 7 will feature.  If you want more information you can check out Gizmodo's page on Windows Phone 7.  For those of you who think Microsoft can't compete with the iPhone, I would like to point out that Apple invented the personal computer and Microsoft dominated them when they entered the market.  Also, everyone thought the Xbox was a joke when it was announced.  Look at it now. 

I would to thank our in-house tech know-it-all, Guy, for telling me all about Windows 7 Phone.  I would also like to thank him for crashing my car last week and not telling me.  Thanks Guy.  Follow him on Twitter @SavingsGCapes for more tech news and deals.  If you want more video game related stuff follow me @YasarSavings.