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Wine Gifting Your Girlfriends Sex and the City Style

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at 1:58PM Tuesday December 7, 2010
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(When I say "girlfriends," I don't mean like going steady. I mean like "You go, girlfriend!" kind of girlfriends...)

Let's face it, ladies. At some point, exchanging Sephora gift cards with your girlfriends can get a little boring. And attempting to buy clothes for friends can lead to all kinds of size confusion and awkwardness. When you've exhausted all beauty possibilities, why not buy your friends a little vino? Matched to their personality types, of course.
For the purposes of this demonstration, I will use the iconic characters of Sex and the City as girlfriend archetypes. Why? Because I just finished re-watching all the Sex and the City episodes. Time well spent? Probably not. Does it make for a topical blog post? Nope. But if you have a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte in your life that you need to buy a gift for, you will now reap the rewards of my ambitious television undertaking.


After re-visiting the SATC seasons in quick succession, it was more than clear to me: Carrie is really terrible at making decisions. Whether it was Big or Aidan or a self-centered, slap-happy Russian, she would spend tons of time waffling before eventually making the worst decision possible. If you've got a Carrie for a friend, you don't want to add to her indecision--no mixed cases here. Honestly, the girl probably can't even decide between red or white as her drink of choice. A six-pack of Rose is the answer. Its girly pinkness is just an added bonus.


This is a family-friendly blog, so I will tread carefully here. But I think anyone who has ever watched even one episode of SATC would agree that Samantha is the most..."adventurous" of the fabulous foursome. As she famously said, "I'll try anything once!" If you've got a Samantha in your life, take advantage of this risk-taking attitude and get her some daring wines. Sparkling Shiraz, pink Pinot Grigio and Dornfelder all qualify.


Miranda, of course, is all business. Whether it's her devotion to her career, her no-fuss wedding or her tell-it-like-it-is attitude, she's obviously not into fluff. For your Miranda, keep in mind that wine in a gift basket would be completely disastrous- she would probably mock you for its impracticality and the extra money you wasted on fancy packaging. A simply good tasting wine with a healthy alcohol content is what this no-nonsense lady's looking for. A tasty all-American zinfandel like Seghesio is just what the hot (Blair Underwood) doctor ordered.


Charlotte has the reputation of being the most innocent and optimistic of the four--but let's not forget, she's also a snob. If you've got a Charlotte-type on your list, now is not the time to impress with your thrift. Something iconic and probably French is in order. Some Guigal will have instant name recognition but not break the proverbial bank.  Perfect! (How is it that Charlotte still retains the innocent reputation? Before her marriages, girl went through men like Carrie goes through shoes!)

Got a girlfriend who's not a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte? Give me some descriptors, and I'll give you the perfect wine suggestion!