A Frugal Valentine’s Day with Our DealPros


Folks, it’s that time of year again! The day of love and romance, Valentine’s Day.  To be honest, my husband and I don’t do much celebrating this day.  He gives me roses and chocolate and I get him his Ferrero Roche chocolates (his favorite).  It’s simple, easy and we don’t get stressed.

Now for the folks that do go all out; exchange gifts, take a night out on the town with a full 5 course menu, limo and maybe even a stay at a hotel, kudos to you! The day of love can cost you and arm and a leg depending on what you choose to do and give. So how can you have a nice day filled with memories without breaking the bank?

You can be like me and just exchange a simple gift (may sound a little bland or boring, but we are simple people) or you can try some of these tips from our DealPros: Having fun and still being frugal

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you take off for the day and throw your budget out of the window.  You can use your money saving skills to have the same amount of fun as the couple sitting next to you at a restaurant, for a fraction of the cost.  Lisa from Smart Spending Spot shares her tips on how to make Valentine’s Day fun and frugal.  Everything from scoping out the Living Social and Groupon sites to negotiating on gift prices.

Gift alternatives

How about making your own sweet treat for a loved one?  While purchasing chocolates can be a great gift, why not put some labor of love into it and create your own. Try Melissa from Living A Frugal Life peanut brittle recipe.  Sounds yummy and more importantly, easy to make!

It’s about the kids too!

Yes, Valentine’s Day is centered so much around adult festivities, but kids love taking part in it too.  I loved exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with my classmates twenty some years ago.  How about taking up Lea Ann from Mommy’s Wish List suggestion of taking your kids to a free kid’s craft workshop at Home Depot.  They get to make a Valentine’s Day cardholder.

While Valentine’s Day can be an expensive Hallmark holiday, you can turn that around and use your awesome money savings skills to stick to a budget and still have lots of fun!

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