After Christmas Video Game Deals-2011 Edition


Last year I actually waited until after Christmas to tell you where to look for the best post-holiday video game deals. This year I wanted to get a head start. The theme this time around is “Never leave the comfort of your couch.” So grab that trusty laptop and start bookmarking.

Here are the best bets for finding video game discounts next week and into the first week of 2012. is still a definite go-to source for after Chrismahanakwanza price breaks on popular titles. As a sign of things to come, they are already offering great discounts on newly released titles. The Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City, for example, is available right now for just $39.99–a $20.00 discount. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, also for the 360, is $10 off and only $49.99. Expect more savings like these from them beginning next Monday as last year saw a ton of game discounts pop on the site.

Another option is to eschew the new and grab some used games from major online retailers. Gamestop, Toys R Us and Best Buy have all become famous for their deeply-discounted post-holiday used gaming bargains.

This year Steam joins the discount gaming club in full force. The online game streaming service has quickly become known for offering bargain prices for games. Already today even, they are offering 50% to 70% cuts on many titles. This is all part of their big Holiday Sale which is set to run through January 1st. Some offers are set to expire soon, but others will run through next week. As of this writing, examples of some of the bargains to be had include: the aforementioned Arkham City for $24.99, Brink for $4.99, Mass Effect 2 $4.99.

Steam is also offering bundle packs for sale such as the Sega Complete pack which contains 84 games and the Star Wars Collection that contains 13 games. Again, sale items change daily, so be sure to head on over to the site and check for yourself.

That’s your starter guide on the post-eggnog video game shopping season.

As always, the discussion and tips continue via Twitter @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    What about sales on consoles? Son’s broke.

  2. GuyCopes

    3 years ago

    @ChuckG Same places. Best Buy especially will be having console price breaks next week. Midnight sale tonight, some consoles on sale already. Best bet for console bargains…refubs from Best Buy or Gamestop or new bundles from Amazon.

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