Atypical Mother’s Day 2010 Gifts


Om nom nom…cookie cake…nom nom…


Flowers, jewelry, sappy cards…these are the things we’ve been trained to associate with Mother’s Day thanks to Hallmark and Teleflora commercials. When you think about your mom though, I mean really think about who she is as a person, are flowers and jewelry really the kinds of things she wants?

This Mother’s Day, take some time to think about what your mom would really like as a gift, maybe something a little out of the ordinary… Active Mom

If your mom finds time to sneak in a workout during her hectic day, whether running, spinning or yoga, maybe some new running shoes or a cute new yoga outfit would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift from her. With this coupon , you can save 20% on your whole order, and with this coupon , you can save $22 on your order of $100 or more and get free shipping.

Green Mom

Lots of folks are going green these days, including moms. If your mom falls into this category, get her something from Gaiam this Mother’s Day. They have green/healthy living clothing, home goods, fitness equipment and more, and with this Gaiam coupon you can save $20 on orders of $100 or more at Gaiam.

Crafty Mom

Is your mom crafty? Not the sneaky kind of crafty, but like the making stuff type of crafty? Well, stock her up with some supplies so she can keep doing what she loves. Use this coupon to save 50% on one regularly priced item or this one to save 10% on your whole order.

Pampered Mom

Your mom has taken care of you your whole life, and now it’s your turn to take care of her. Buy her something nice like a home facial kit or pedicure kit, and if you spend $75 or more, you can use this Bliss coupon to get a free Mother’s Day Gift Bag valued at $80 and free shipping.

Techie Mom

My mother needs me to change her Facebook profile picture, but I’m sure there are many moms out there who are a bit more tech savvy. If you’re mom falls into the that tech savvy category, hook her up with a new gadget for Mother’s Day. How about an Amazon Kindle or an iPod nano? Coupons aren’t abundant for either of these items, so if you’re looking to spend a little bit extra on your mom this year, they might be good options for you.

No matter what you end up giving your mom this Mother’s Day, she’ll love it…as long as you don’t give her a new frying pan or vacuum cleaner.

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  1. HSimas

    5 years ago

    After years of carefully picking out atypical mother’s day gifts, I finally sent my mom flowers for the first time last year and she went nuts! Loved it. Go figure.

  2. coupiedoll

    5 years ago

    Great Gaiam coupon–one year I gave my mom a new art set–pencils, paint, new brushes, etc. She loved that gift and while she hasn’t done much sketching it inspired her to get into some jewelry making.


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