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Tea Tree Oil Is Kind of Miraculous

Essential Oils
Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

If you¬†don’t know what tea tree oil is, or are an extra-terrestrial new to this planet, let me briefly explain: Tea tree oil is an essential oil that can replace certain skin care products (like you might find at ULTA), cleaning and home products of all kinds, and even some over-the-counter medications. Tea tree oil’s […]

The Cheapest and Most Effective Ways to Juice

Some green juice
Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

Healthy habits are hard. You can tell because it’s so easy to find a Bowflex in a thrift store or on Craigslist. Eating healthy isn’t necessarily more fun than exercise.¬†Juicing is the best way to get fruits and vegetables in your body without having to actually eat said fruits and vegetables. I am a child […]

Rebate App Ibotta Gives Money Back on Purchases, but Some Abuse It to Get Free Money

Ibotta official screenshot
Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

Ibotta is a smartphone app that gives you money back when you buy specific items at specific retailers. Ibotta is different from traditional rebate coupons because it requires you to “unlock” rebate offers with your phone. To unlock, you simply need to watch a video or answer a survey question. After that you buy the […]

Win Freebies For Your Next Vegas Trip With MyVegas

Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

MyVegas is an app available to download for your smartphone or play on Facebook. It boasts real Las Vegas prizes for players to cash-in on. When I first heard about this, I thought it was too good to be true, maybe even a scam. So, I tried it for myself. Here’s what I learned from a few hours play.

How to Play:

I started playing on Facebook and like every slot game I’ve ever played in Vegas, I had no idea what I was doing. I pretty much just kept clicking the ‘bet’ button, and kept receiving chips. After I got the hang of it a little bit more, I was able to do automatic spins and bet higher amounts of chips. Within the first half-hour I was at level 5.

Every time you go up a level you get more coins and betting chips. I eventually ran out of chips, and a screen popped up telling me I could buy more with my actual money. This is the part where the app can get scammy. Then again, pretty much every “free” game on Facebook and on smartphones tries to get you to buy more coins, lives, or something of the sort. That $1.99 seems harmless until you fast forward three months and realize you’ve spent nearly $50 on a pointless game. I’m not going to fall for this again. Curse you, Candy Crush!

Urban Outfitters Surplus Store is a Red-Tag Lovers Dream

Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

The average person’s experience with Urban Outfitters is mainly, “This place is okay, but too expensive.” It’s a store that has some cute stuff, but also way too many overalls. Who the hell is wearing overalls these days? I’m no slave to fashion, but I do like to buy decent looking clothes now and then.

I’ll admit that Urban Outfitters has some good clothes, but the real problem are the prices. Shirts that go for $40-$70? Dresses for $70-$100? Who has that kind of dough? Well a lot of people I’m sure, but not me.

My experience with Urban Outfitters has been to zip right through the regular priced stuff, and go straight to the sad little corner with the word “SALE” hung over it. That tiny section of clothing is much more in my price range, and often, has at least one thing that would fit me. Or, at least one thing I could squeeze well enough into where I would convince myself that it fit me. I long accepted that this was to be my fate with Urban Outfitters, forever.

Retail Therapy Doesn’t Have To Be As Expensive As Actual Therapy

Written By:Author Alison StevensonAlison Stevenson

Retail therapy is a real thing as proven by science. In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan it was found that shopping is more than brief escapism. It does genuinely make you a happier person. They write in their findings, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, “Our experiments provided support for the notion that making shopping choices helps to restore a sense of personal control over one’s environment, and thus helps to alleviate sadness.”

I used to be the type that would spend big bucks on a new clothes and gadgets whenever I got bad news, or felt a little bit off on a certain day. However, after depleting the little money I had, I knew I would need to change my impulsive, frivolous lifestyle. The problem is, since I can’t afford real therapy, retail therapy is the only form of therapy I have. So instead of ditching it entirely, I decided to keep up with my frivolous lifestyle, but on a smaller scale. Instead of buying a new dress for $60, I now go to my local CVS and buy the most expensive dish soap in stock.

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