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Read This Before You Book Your Summer Vacation and You’ll Save Money

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I consider myself an avid traveler (or at least, I love to travel, so that must count for something!). As such, it’s important for me to get a bit creative when it comes to cutting back on the travel spending. Especially during the peak travel season of summer, rising prices can sometimes threaten to hold me back from the awesome destinations I hope to visit.

This season, I’m taking a stand. I’ve consulted with some of the most seasoned travel experts in the business and asked them for their failsafe ways to save a bit of cash when it comes to summer travel.

I plan on putting many of these into effect immediately … see ya on the beaches!

Does It Pay to Fly Spirit Airlines?

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I fly a lot.

In the past seven months I’ve flown Qantas to Australia, Icelandair to Iceland, JetBlue to Florida and … drum roll, please …Spirit to Denver.

In case you’ve missed the news recently, Spirit isn’t exactly a luxury airliner — nor are they No. 1 in customer service. In fact, they’re dead last — drawing complaint rates that were more than three times higher than the second-place airlines from 2009 to 2013.

Here’s the thing though: The price was right. The available times worked out … and I had yet to read all the awful reviews the company consistently racks up. (And, for the record, has chalked up to simple misunderstandings.)

So, was it worth it? In my own personal opinion — yes, and here’s why.

Easy Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

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My husband and I have eight weddings to attend throughout this summer and fall. That’s eight shower gifts, eight wedding gifts and almost as many hotel and car rental bookings.

Oh — and I’m in three of them. That’s three bridesmaid dresses and three bachelorette parties to attend and help plan.

Please don’t get me wrong — I love and cherish each one of these friends, and I’m honored to be a part of the wedding for those friends who have asked me. The thing is … weddings can really add up, even when you’re just a guest (and especially if you’re a bridesmaid!). In an effort to not blow my entire savings account on weddings this year, I thought I’d do a little research to figure out how I can be as prepared as possible for the costs, as well as potentially cut back on the spending and still be as giving to each of these couples as I’d like to be.

Haggle For A Used Car And Win


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As my husband and I prepare for a potential big move out of the city to somewhere more suburban (read: less public transportation friendly), we’ve realized that along with all the other life changes that come with a move like this, we’ll also have to now purchase and take care of a car.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned cars before, and I completely understand that life outside of a big city pretty much requires one. It’s just that I haven’t owned one in quite a while, and neither has my husband … we weren’t even sure where to start.

How To Haggle Without Being A Jerk


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I think the last time I haggled was when I was in second grade. My neighborhood was having a community yard sale, and three doors down they were selling a righteous used hamster cage that I just had to have. (In an effort to convince my parents that I needed a hamster, of course.)

Anyway, the cage was something like $3, which I didn’t happen to have at the ripe old age of seven, and as I was keeping this a secret from my parents (Surprise! I bought a hamster cage … now you have to get me a hamster!), I couldn’t just ask them for the cash, now could I?

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