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Comedians Answer the Question: “What’s the Worst Thing You Could Eat on a Plane?”

Airplane Food
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

First and foremost, I want to apologize to the passengers of flight 407. I also want to apologize to my family, and to God, if she exists. I never thought I’d be “that guy,” but here we are. I did it. I committed the cardinal sin of domestic air travel: I brought wack-ass Chinese food […]

So You’re Stranded

Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

If you’re stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, you don’t necessarily need guns and survivalist gear. (But if you do, maybe we can help with a little something from The Sportsman’s Guide.) You just need a little common sense and maybe a couple of helpful services. I’m a quasi-professional […]

Haunt Your House For $50 or Less!

josh halloween video
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Halloween is around the corner, and the scariest thing of all is how stores are jacking up prices. It seems everywhere you go, from convenience stores to big boxes, companies are trying to take advantage of your Halloween spirit. Chill, bud. Just take a stroll down to the ol’ dollar store. They have everything you’d […]

Big Island on a Budget

Kona Hawaii
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Hawaii is the idyllic vacation destination since the Eisenhower administration. Did I mean for that to rhyme? No way, but the rhythms of the island have infected me with their chill vibes, so I’m rolling with it. By cashing in some Hilton points, my girlfriend and I were able to get ourselves to a lovely condo […]

You Should Wait Until September to Buy Discount Pool Toys

Pool Toys with Josh Scratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Summer might be over, but it’s still hot as h*ck in most of the country. It’s 100 degrees, you got a pool, why not just use it? While swimming, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks: I bet pool toys are at a crazy discount right now. I went to my local K-MART […]

Ranking Near Beers For Those Who Don’t Want To Give Up “The Hang”

NA BeersScratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

I recently decided that I don’t want to get drunk anymore. I do, though, want to have the familiarity of a bottle in my hand when at a bar or watching the game with friends. There have been a lot of advancements in N/A beer since O’Doul’s, and with that in mind, I took a […]

Pizza CONSPIRACY: Are You Getting The Most Toppings for Your Money?

pizza conspiracy scratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Is anybody looking? Ok good, we’re alone. I was tipped off to the fact that there’s a conspiracy going on amongst the major pizza brands. I decided to put my theory to the test, and I blew the lid off the whole thing. It goes all the way to the TOP(ping)! TRANSCRIPT Josh Androsky: Guys, […]

What’s the best thing to bring to a BBQ?

BBQ Scratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Labor Day’s coming up! That means it’s time to show off what you learned this summer– specifically, your BBQ Brain. We all know about hamburgers, hotdogs, and whatnot, but is there a special thing to bring that will wow your friends and neighbors? YES THERE IS PLEASE WATCH TO FIND OUT OK BYE. TRANSCRIPT Josh: […]

The Ultimate Pizza Race With Josh Androsky

Pizza Race Scratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

It’s the weekend, time to grab some friends, get some beers and relax– you EARNED it. Of course, after a few cold ones, your thoughts turn to your grumbling stomachs. It’s food time. It’s unspoken, but you all know what’s about to go down: Pizza. Of course it’s pizza. It’s always been pizza and it […]

Bargain Basement Booze With Josh Androsky

Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

It’s Friday night, you just got off work, time to unwind, right? Unfortunately, the act of unwinding (i.e. having an adult beverage) brings about its own stress. How much money do you gotta drop? What’s the best bargain? Where should you go? It’s all too much, ain’t it? NOT ANYMORE, BABY. I, Josh Androsky, will do the dirty work to discover which bargain basement booze has the most bang for your buck.

Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton
Music: Cowabunga Babes


Best Drive-Thru Breakfast in America with Josh Androsky

Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what about for the person on-the-go? We went to three top fast food chains to discover where to find the best drive-thru breakfast in America.

Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton
Music: Cowabunga Babes


Podcasts, AAA And Coupons For Your Next Summer Roadtrip

Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Summer’s here, and that means you should be doing one thing: getting your tush out on the open road. From Kerouac to Juggalos, everyone loves discovering our country and themselves via America’s highways. Only problem? That can be mega expensive. Here are some tips for you to save some cash when planning your road trip.


Whether out alone or with some pals, you’re going to hit some boredom travelling the country—usually this starts around Kansas and extends through the great plains. There’s so little to look at, you can’t even make fun of ridiculous billboards or stupid town names. Sure, once you get into Missouri, there’s some stuff to make fun of, (I’m looking at you Herculaneum, MO, for sounding like an amphitheater that is exclusively headlined by KISS.) so what can you do? Podcasts.

For those not in the know, podcasts are FREE radio shows put on by some of the finest minds in comedy, history, sports, and pop culture, that are available on demand whenever you see fit to listen.

Fast Food Value Menu Showdown with Josh Androsky

Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Every fast food says they have a “value” menu, but is it really a good value, especially compared to other major chains? I take five dollars to three of the country’s biggest fast food restaurants and see what bang I can truly get for my buck.

Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton
Music: Cowabunga Babes

A Rare Look at One Medical Marijuana Clinic’s Discounts

A Rare Look at One Medical Marijuana Clinic's Discounts
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this video do not represent those of, its staff, or its partners.

Marijuana is being decriminalized across the country. Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, weed is going to be available to a majority of Americans within our lifetimes. That means one thing: commerce. What is it like to purchase what was previously only a street drug, from a classy retail outfit? I went to Exhale Medical Center in Los Angeles to find out.

(Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton)

Life Hackin’ With Josh Androsky: DIY Grey Goose Cup Edition

Grey Goose Life Hack Scratch
Written By:Author Josh AndroskyJosh Androsky

Lifehacks are supposed to make your life easier, but do they really? Hi, I’m Josh Androsky, and I’m here to find out. Also, I am very bad at doing things (anything, really). So if I can do a lifehack, then you can be sure you will be able to, too. For this lifehack, I went to Reddit, with a shout out to u/bakedbananas for the idea. If everything goes right, I’ll be able to turn a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, that I would usually recycle, into a cool free glass!

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