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10 appetizers under $10 for Super Bowl 2014


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The Super Bowl is on February 2nd. Whether you’re celebrating with a crowd or enjoying the game (and the commercials) at home with just a few select fans, you want to stay on budget with your feast. Everybody loves a good football appetizer. Here’s a list of ten appetizers you can make for under $10!

Healthy Hummus Dip from Cleverly Simple
— This dip will leave everyone asking for more. Made with hummus as the base and your choice of delicious toppings, you won’t feel guilty when you take a second bite!

Pig Candy from Saving The Family Money — Bacon! Enough said? Wow your friends with this amazingly simple pig candy appetizer.

5 gimmicks to avoid on Black Friday


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You’re in the mode of shopping and the holiday music is playing. You find yourself browsing the store, sipping a latte and basking in the glory of the holiday season.

Stop. Here are five gimmicks to avoid on Black Friday to keep you on budget this holiday season.

1. Look! It’s in the ad. It must be a great price.
The Black Friday ad is filled with great prices. However, just because it’s in the ad doesn’t mean it’s the best price. Always check online retailers and compare prices.

Six ways to maximize your savings at Kroger


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Are you heading to Kroger this week? Here are six ways to maximize your savings:

1. Compare Coupons

Because many Kroger regions this year decided to stop doubling coupons, you want to make sure you grab the best coupon before heading to the store. Checking a coupon database will help you select the best coupon to use.

2. Take Advantage of Store Promotions
Kroger is known for their Mega sale promotions. A Mega promotion allows you to save a specific amount of money when you buy participating products. When you see that Kroger is having a Mega event, make sure to stock up on your favorite products that are included. Because you can use coupons in addition to the promotional discount, you’ll maximize your savings.

5 ways to celebrate July 4th on a budget


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Independence Day is next week. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate? Don’t think that the best party comes with the biggest price tag. Here are five ways to throw a 4th of July Party on a budget.

1. Send invitations using email. Create a unique electronic invitation using a favorite picture or website like You can easily track who’s attending without spending any money.

10 frugal ways to celebrate dad


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With Father’s Day fast approaching, here are a few frugal ideas to celebrate dad while still staying on budget. You don’t need to break your budget to show dad how much he means to you.

1. Wash The Car: All you need is soap and water, as well as a little elbow grease to shine up dad’s car. You can let dad relax while you take care of his vehicle.

2. Give Dad a Call:
If you live miles from dad, set aside time to call dad and catch up on what’s happening in life.

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