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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fancy Cookie Mixes

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

We enter into many unspoken contracts in modern society. If you hold the elevator door for me, I’ll do a little half-shuffle-run. If you ask me to take care of your ferret for the weekend, I’ll promise not to eat that ferret unless I absolutely have to. Likewise, when I visit an artisanal bakery or […]

13 Cheap and Inventive Indie Games for Non-Gamers

Hand with Gamepad
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

It’s no secret that video games have gone from a basement pastime for little boys who fear sunlight, girls, and gym class showers (A.K.A. me) to a global juggernaut. Gaming is now a $20 billion business in the US alone – that’s more than we spend at the movies – with over 40% of Americans […]

How Much Money Is Your Body Worth?

Doctor Woman With Cup For Analysis
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

We already offer up our time, effort, intellect, and creativity in order to make a living, so why not cut out the middleman and just sell our bodies? Whether you’re broke, open-minded, or just curious, here’s a rundown of some of your home-grown moneymakers. Sperm Ah, the classic. Enjoy your time in the sun, men, […]

12 Ways You’re Missing Out on the New Rental Economy

Moon for Rent
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

You already Netflix your movies, Uber and Lyft your rides, Airbnb and VRBO your accommodations, Spotify your music, and TaskRabbit those chores you just can’t stand. So, is that it? Oh my silly, stupid friend. My silly, stupid, stupid, stupid, wait, come back, I’m sorry. Car Rental and Airport Parking RelayRides and Getaround connect car […]

Which All You Can Eat Buffets Are Worth the Money?

people group catering buffet food indoor in luxury restaurant with meat colorful fruits  and vegetab
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

It began as the 16th century Swedish schnapps table (brännvinsbord), then later the 18th century pre-dinner smorgasbord, which went international at the 1939 Worlds Fair, along with irradiated toothpaste and home dentistry. The French contributed the term buffet, the name for the ornate sideboard where the food was served, that over time came to describe […]

The Strange New Frontier of Marijuana Tourism

Do not dist-herb.
Do not dist-herb.
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

With marijuana now legal in four states, and the majority of the remaining states having decriminalized the drug or approved medical marijuana, it looks like national legalization is inevitable. But before Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds ruin all the fun (hello, Marlboro Kush) here’s a look at some of the odd examples of marijuana tourism […]

Eurail Passes Aren’t What They Used to Be

Tickets signs.
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

You’re about to leave for Europe and you’re understandably stoked. You’ve got your flight booked, your accomodations settled (maybe a series of youth hostels or something from, and, of course, your trusty Eurail Pass by your side. Except maybe that last one isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you’re anything like me […]

What Food Labels Really Mean

What Food Labels Really Mean
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

So you want to be a good person. But you also want to buy some carrots. Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish both, right? You go to the grocery store, however, and find yourself inundated with confusing labels: Free Trade, Organic, Cage Free, Free Range, Natural, Made With Limited Nazi Involvement, Non-Toxic, Very Very Toxic […]

Eight Ways to Gamble Creatively

Creative Gambling
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

As a general rule, things that are legal everywhere might be fun, things that are illegal everywhere are no fun — murder, for example — and things that are illegal in some places are always fun. Think recreational soft drug use, gay wedding receptions, etc. Gambling falls into that third category, but gaudy, smoke-filled casinos […]

The Eight Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pets

The Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pet
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

Here are three things everyone loves: pets, lists, and hating on the rich. So why not combine the three and scroll through the most lavish pet purchases ol’ Uncle Nick could find on the internet. Please don’t feel obligated to call me Uncle Nick, but if it feels right to you, I won’t say no. […]

Get Me off Medicaid!

Waiting Room
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

One man’s journey to get off Medicaid after he was enrolled by mistake.

9 Successful Kickstarters That Actually Exist

Albatros bookmarks
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

Anyone who’s participated in crowdfunding knows that a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign hitting its goal is no guarantee you’ll see the finished project anytime soon. Ambitious, creative people with very little experience in business or large scale manufacturing being handed a boatload of money is not a particularly surprising recipe for disaster (much like “cat […]

The 7 Most Useless USB Accessories

Fundue: The Fondue for Idiots
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

You’ve got a printer, a speaker set, a scanner, an external hard drive – but you can’t shake that sinking feeling that you’re wasting those last few USB ports on your computer. Well it’s time to put them to use, as long as the word “use” is defined very broadly. USB Fondue Pot Tired of […]

How Much Do Pets Cost?

This dog has money
Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

Here’s my question: how much does it cost to be a pet owner? Not just how much does a pet cost, but how much does it cost to own pets for your entire life? And, while we’re at it, can we quantify the benefits of pet ownership and see how they stack up against the […]

The Best and Worst “Of The Month” Clubs

Written By:Author Nick von KellerNick von Keller

“Of The Month” clubs embody everything that is right and wrong about humanity, much like my extended family or all you can eat sushi. Here is my curated list of curated monthly clubs, showcasing all that I both revile and treasure of their existence: THE DISGUSTING: Cheesecake of the Month Club Quick question: Do you […]

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