[VIDEO] Chili’s vs. Applebee’s 2 for $20 Showdown with Josh Androsky

This probably isn't from Chili's or Applebee's.
This probably isn't from Chili's or Applebee's.
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Josh Androsky, AKA Li’l Joshy Wonderful, joins us once again to answer some of the questions that were too pressing for anyone to actually ask. Today, the topic is “2 for $20,” those deals we sometimes see advertised where you can get a full multi-course meal for two people for only $20. Chili’s does it. […]

[VIDEO] Fancy Fast Food Burger Showdown with Josh Androsky

Which is the fanciest burger in town?
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These days a fast food burger isn’t happy just being a greasy, unpretentious fast food burger. They all put on airs and dress themselves up like they’re something you’d eat in the back of a towncar in Dubai. We’ve all seen the fancy ads, but are these newfangled high-class burgers any good? Josh Androsky sacrifices […]

[VIDEO] Lifehackin’ with Josh Androsky: Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks with Josh Androsky
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“Life hacks” — those allegedly useful tricks and shortcuts you can use to allegedly make your life easier — are everywhere these days. And by “everywhere” we mean all over the internet. Sure, they’re diverting to read about, but do they actually work? Are we really saving any time? Josh Androsky joins us to figure […]

[VIDEO] Saving Valentine’s Day with Josh Androsky

Saving V-Day
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Li’l Joshy Wonderful returns, this time to tell you Uh-Oh Boys and Uh-Oh Girls how to have a fun, inexpensive, and occasionally surreal Valentine’s Day. If you’ve ever wondered about the history and traditions of the holiday, we have great news: There are lots of videos on that topic. This is not one of them. […]

[VIDEO] Super Bowl Party Snack Showdown with Josh Androsky

Which snack will reign supreme
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The Super Bowl is happening — or should we say appening! That’s right, we’re talking about appetizers for that Super Bowl party, and Josh Androsky joins us to set the record straight. What’s best: pre-made, store-bought snacks, or the kind you lovingly prepare at home with only the freshest ingredients? The answer may surprise you. […]

Video: Save Money on Your New Year’s Eve Party by Sacrificing Fun and Quality

Dog party
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The women of Blessed are back in town, and this time they’re going to teach you how to party when you have very little money and good sense. But they’re not talking about just any party! No sir, this is all about New Year’s Eve parties. Some of their cheap, impractical, and ill-conceived advice includes: […]

Don’t Let the Man Trick You into Paying Too Much for a Gingerbread House

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Sure, it may be December 26th, but you know what they say: it’s Christmastime somewhere! Also, there’s no rule that says you can only build and eat gingerbread houses before Christmas. Let’s not argue about this. Let’s talk about not throwing your money away, instead. We’re joined once again by money-saving expert and all-around funny person Josh […]

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Dollar Store Trash

Christmas trash
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Little Joshy Wonderful, A.K.A. Josh Androsky, joins us once again to share his unique and occasionally disquieting insight into the world of saving money. This time the topic is Christmas trees. Since it’s evening on Christmas day, it’s safe to assume you’re worrying about decorating that tree. We’ve all been there: Christmas is basically over, […]

Thank you for taking our poll!

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  Scroll down to see if your favorite candy choices made the top 7 results in each category. If you’d like to see results past the top 7, click the “view” link next to the “other” answer choice. Thanks again for taking our Halloween candy poll and don’t forget to share with friends!

Help Us Determine the Objectively Best Halloween Candy

Popular Halloween Candy
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We’re doing important research in the field of Halloween candy, and we need your help! We’ll be using this survey to determine the price ranges of the objectively best and worst Halloween candy. Please take our quick survey and let your voice be heard! Once you take the survey, you’ll be able to see how […]

What’s Your Financial Future? Our Quiz Will Astound and Terrify You

Pocket wach and human skull ,concept and idea
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Since the dawn of civilization, one question has plagued our collective unconscious: what will the future bring, finance-wise? Many sages have warned those who might seek this knowledge. An average person should not wield that kind of power, they said. And, they continued, an average blog cannot handle that kind of virality. The Scratch is […]

Five Tips for Back Taxes Debt Settlement

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There is much truth in the old maxim about death and taxes: The IRS will always makes sure you pay your tax debts. There are many government programs, however, that assist taxpayers to pay off their outstanding tax dues. But what most taxpayers indebted to the IRS do is opt for IRS tax debt settlement.

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