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If you’re like me, it’s one week till freedom!  Well, not really.  It’s the start of a new school year which means it’s time to spend some money on new clothing, school supplies and other essentials.  But what if your budget doesn’t allow for too much spending, that’s where our DealPros come in.  I look to them to help me get through the “savingsblock” that always happens when I stare at the piles of ads and printable coupons that sit atop of my dining room table like Mt. Everest. Back to School Shopping Tips, Savings & More

Not sure where to start on your Back to School shopping adventure, look no further, Jennie Sanford of Bargain Blessings gives you a breakdown of $mart back-to-school shopping: Start now to save big.

Maximize your Back to School shopping with Top 10 Back to School Shopping Money Saving Tips 2012.  Sami Cone suggests looking for school uniforms and sport gears at consignment sales.  I would have never thought to look there.

9 Back to School items for $1?  Now if that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is.  If you want to score that same Office Max Deal: 4 pks Sharpies and 5 Notebooks for $1 see the breakdown on Creative Couponing.

While there are so many great deals on school supplies, clothing, dorm essentials and more, what else can you save this month? Valerie Hoff of 11Alive has other great deal suggestions on What to Buy in August.

Now it’s time to put these shopping tips in action.  Make sure you don’t purchase more than what you budgeted or planned because One Purchase Leads to Another.  Take Northern Cheapskate’s advice and when those bad shopping habits start to surface, “wait a little bit.”

Eating Good & Staying Cool This Summer

Husbands listen up!  Your wives deserve wining, dining and the whole nine yards.  Read how Lauren’s husband Mark of I am That Lady takes a plain ole protein and use sous-vide cooking to take it up a notch with Gourmet Cooking on the Cheap.

I love going to my local farmer’s markets, but I always end up bringing home all sorts of things and don’t know what do with them.  How about a Kale & Summer Squash Stir Fry?  This simple recipe from Sarah’s Deals will give your kale a little oomph the easy way!

Oh and remember to keep your cool with 20 Frugal Ideas To Stay Cool This Summer by Bargain Blessings.  Nothing is fun when you are boiling and miserable, as I write this in my steam-room-esque kitchen enduring the yearly Southern California heatwave.

Are you ready to do some Back to School shopping, eat beautifully sous-vide entrees and play water limbo?  Please comment below.

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