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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of fitness workers is expected to increase 29 percent from 2008-2018. This projected increase has been attributed to a reduction in the number of physical education programs offered in schools combined with the growing concern about childhood obesity. Although consumer spending has been soft as of late, the $19.5 billion health club industry remains big business in the U.S. Celebrity fitness trainer Cornel Chin can attest to the demand of certified fitness professionals; however, his latest book, Celebrity Body on a Budget (available from Price World Publishing), aims to educate average Americans on what it takes to stay in shape on the simplest of budgets. From the start, Cornel’s 215-page budget fitness manual provides useful information needed to understand the skeletal framework, the muscles, how energy is derived from the body and how to identify your body type and shape. While this information may sound mundane, after reading you’ll find yourself asking, “Why does all this sound new to me?” This is because the complexity of how the body works has been largely kept out of exercise manuals and group fitness sessions. However, Mr. Chin presents the facts concisely in easy to understand one-page sections, complete with photos and FAQs.

After arming you with the basic knowledge needed to understand your type, Celebrity Body on a Budget dives right into alternative ways to “sneak” daily exercise into a busy lifestyle. Included is a Top 10 list of household chores for burning calories. Upon reading, it’s somewhat hard to imagine Mr. Chin advising Leonard DiCaprio to rake leaves or wash dishes, so he was asked how he typically trains celebrity clients that do have the money and resources to pay for a personal trainer:

“For my ‘A’ list celebrities, budget is never a major issue as the studio ends up footing the bill! I usually train my high profile clients either in their hotel’s gym (as in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton), their hotel room (Audrey Tautou), or at their own home (Colin Firth and Joseph Fiennes). Almost in every case, we go through a series of structured exercises, as it’s the quickest way to achieve real results. This will generally include the workouts from my book where little equipment is used. I simply employ know-how, motivation, variety and fun to stimulate my clients.”

In addition to home chore exercises, Celebrity Body on a Budget shares various toning exercises that can be executed while commuting on foot or by vehicle. Cornel also provides a handy stress buster exercise perfect for rejuvenating a tired mind. “Commuting in and around London by car can be a very stressful daily occurrence. I use the stress buster as often as I can, particularly when the traffic is heavy and I’m late for my next appointment!

After a section on exercises that can be performed at the office, Cornel evaluates the various types of workout equipment available – from dumbbells to treadmills – and provides buying tips and features to look for before deciding to spend your hard earned money. The book then provides a self-fitness test to help gauge your starting point and you are then provided with four no-gym required workouts aimed at increasing the intensity as you advance through the program. This budget workout masterpiece concludes with 12 easy, healthy, budget conscious recipes to ensure you eat right and maintain the look you are trying to achieve.

The only drawback from having Celebrity Body on a Budget as your main exercise training manual is that it doesn’t come with a personal motivator in the form of audio or video. While some people are self-motivated to do anything they put their mind to, others are quick to find excuses such as a recent illness in order to forgo consistent exercise.

“For those who don’t have the benefit of a trainer or motivator, it can be hard. Recovery after any illness is imperative, but it’s also important to focus on getting healthier than ever before so your body won’t be as susceptible to illness,” says Cornel. “The best advice I can offer is to remember that you don’t want to throw away all that hard-earned tone because you’ve had a bit of set back. My 95 year old client had major prostate surgery at age 93 years of age and within 4 weeks he was back training with me! How’s that for motivation,” he adds.

For an exercise program that doesn’t include DVDs or CD-ROM’s, Celebrity Body on a Budget is packed full of the information needed to transform your body into a lean healthy shape based on your body type. And with a list price of $14.95 it lives up to the budget conscious premise.

* Promotional copy of book was provided by the publisher for this review.

Ballers On Budgets was founded in 2009 as a project dedicated to educating people on how to live within their financial means while increasing their social status within their community with the aim to provide resources, information, and alternatives to spending a lot of money while engaging in a socially active lifestyle.

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