Ballers on Budgets: eReader Comparison – Move Over iPad vs. Kindle, Here Comes Libre

Ballers on Budgets: eReader Comparison – Move Over iPad vs. Kindle, Here Comes Libre

With so many devices hitting the market, how can anyone make a decision? Amazon says that their ebooks are outselling their print editions, Apple has sold over a million iPads, Sony has a pocket edition and Borders offers an ereader by three different manufacturers.

With so many choices one can only ask the logical question: How much am I willing to spend? By first price comparing ereaders, you can narrow down the field considerably. A brief Internet search will bring up a few (literally only a few) product reviews of the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro ($99.99 from Borders), the cheapest ereader on the market to date. The lack of reviews for the Libre Pro is quite surprising considering that this slim, lightweight, easy-to-read unit just may be the best option for true hardcore readers.

The Libre’s 5-inch black and white screen utilizes monochrome reflective light LCD technology that provides freedom from glare during outdoor reading and adequate clarity when reading indoors even with minimal light. In actuality, it seems as if its readability is better than printed paper. In this area the Libre stands above other ereaders that utilize e-ink technology and require multiple flashes for each page advance.

Other features of the Libre include a table of contents, jump-to option, bookmark list, font zoom, background music, auto power off and a help menu. It comes with a 2GB internal SD memory card and has a slot for expanding another 32GB. The picture viewer supports BMP, JPG, GIF and animated GIF and supports Adobe DRM, ePUB, PDF, FB2, TXT, Mobi, PRC and RTF document formats. The battery provides for up to 24 hours of continuous reading.

Unlike much of the competition, the Libre Pro is just an ereader. It does not have interactive capability (such as highlighting or note taking), app compatibility, nor Wi-Fi connectivity. It does, however, come with 100 preloaded ebooks allowing you to begin reading multiple books at once from anywhere in the world. In addition, Aluratek provides a quick start guide containing a handful of free online ebook sources helping you to expand your library without spending a dime.

The Libre eBook Reader Pro is perfect for families that may already have a more expensive ereader in the house, as well as those that just want the simplicity of a basic ereader without the finger touch distractions such as online apps and games. So, if you’re looking to enter the world of ebooks as an alternative to reading printed books, the Libre Pro gets two thumbs up.

However, history teaches us that as technology improves prices become cheaper and if you wait you just may be able to get that iPad you wanted for $150 in 2011. So now the question becomes: Can you wait?

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