Behind The Scenes: Introducing The ClipList


At we want to end impulse purchases, forever, and promote smart spending behaviors. We know our users want to save money and spend their money where it counts. That’s why we’ve launched a new service called ClipList.

Similar to how you use Pinterest to “Pin” items, the ClipList works the same way. When you’re on other websites shopping, just click the “Clip It!” button at the top of your browser, to add the item- to your list, whether it’s a pair of shoes or an expensive bracelet. The ClipList allows you to easily organize the items you want (and send others to your link, so they can see too)!

Once we’ve come across a great deal that works for an item on your list, we’ll show you a coupon that matches that item. If we don’t have one, we’ll scour the web, and send you an email alert to let you know when a deal is available. ClipList helps you to save more, and you’ll know that you’re getting the best deal possible.
Since we want you all to get involved, we’re giving you from now until Wednesday, May 16th to assemble your Cliplist. On Thursday, we’ll choose one person at random and purchase theirs (up to $250).

Ready to start your own? Check out the ClipList and start clipping!

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