Billeater: Black Friday 2010 – Overcome Shoppers Paralysis and Score Great Deals


It’s a tradition that burns those Thanksgiving calories less than 24 hours after dinner: Black Friday shopping. Many shoppers hold off on retail purchases until Black Friday in hopes of getting the best deal on the best gift. Nevertheless, you may be finding some awesome deals already. You might be thinking, “What if I find it cheaper on Black Friday?

Don’t worry, there are some deals you can take advantage of now with confidence. The trick is knowing what kinds of sales to expect on Black Friday. In general, electronics and toy deals will be better on Black Friday. Also, expect home decorations and clothing to be a little cheaper on Black Friday. Other deals will be gone if you wait that long.

For instance, if you plan to buy camping gear, grills or accessories and other summer items, now is the time to find them on clearance as stores make room for Christmas. It also helps to know what Black Friday sales are coming. Arm yourself with the knowledge of the Black Friday sales already announced and you’ll be able to shop with confidence–and save money as well. Kohl’s

Shoppers at Kohl’s, a hotbed of affordable shopping even when the holidays are over, can expect to get up to 60% off on jewelry, watches. Slippers, scarves, and gloves — the perfect accessories for the season — will be marked down between 40% and 60% off. Ladies sleepwear, intimate apparel, and loungewear will be marked down by up to 60%.


For the technology or television enthusiast in your family, Sears has three great deals on three amazing TVs, including a 42″ Zenith plasma television for a mere $399.99. For a slight price increase, they’ll be offering a 40″ Samsung plasma television for $499.99. For the whole family, jeans will be discounted to $9.99 and Snuggies (a staple of the winter season) will be on sale for $7.99.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is joining the denim sale bandwagon too, offering their jeans for $9.97 each, as well as $10 trendy fleece jackets. With the purchase of a limited edition Midas Gold fishing reel, you’ll receive a free IM7 graphite fishing rod — a hit for the sportsman in your family.


Don’t forget about the all-important Christmas decorations. ACE Hardware stores will be offering sets of LED Christmas lights for $5.99 per strand, as well as two four-foot lighted porch trees for $19.99. Be sure to check out the ACE circular for a $10 coupon good on any purchase of $50 or more.

Prepare for Black Friday Now

Keep an eye on local newspapers and deal-hunting websites, as retailers will be releasing their Black Friday deals in circulars (some with coupons) over the coming days and weeks. Start making a list so you know exactly what to wait for and what to pick up early.

With a little planning, list making, and coupon clipping, you need not be “paralyzed” by deal shopping, but instead rewarded by it!

Jessica Bosari writes for the money-saving site, The site is devoted to helping people reduce expenses, save money and find great deals. Pay Billeater a visit for more money-saving tips!

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