Billeater: Gift Ideas for Guys – You Can’t Go Wrong with Black!


There’s just something about a man in black. I’m not talking about the MiB kind, rather the, “Up front, there ought to be a man in black,” kind. The good guys don’t always wear white and black shows a mystery and worldliness that women love. Guys, well, they just like black because it’s subtle.

You like it. He likes it. Black is just the perfect gift for a guy. Here are some gift ideas for your mysterious mate that won’t break the bank: Shirts

A black t-short or a black button down…either makes a great gift for the man in your life. When shopping for an item like this, it’s best to do it in person if you can. Giving a gift that just has to be returned through the mail is no fun for anyone. Instead, hit the clearance racks at Kohl’s, Target and TJ Maxx. These are the best stores for discount men’s clothing.


It’s hard to get a man out of his favorite pair of jeans long enough to check his size. But once you have it, check out the same places you’d go for the right shirt. Some other good options include the clearance racks at Gap, Old Navy and, believe it or not, Sears.


What’s better than a splash of black that can do cool stuff too? While you’re not going to find the latest iPhone cheap, you can find some affordable alternatives on the Android market. Motorola Bravo is one great Android phone, but there are many others. Visit Amazon‘s wireless store for the best savings.


Prepare your man for the cold months with a black jacket or winter coat. Amazon is by far the best place to get something like this new, so check it out. You might also have a clothing outlet nearby like Burlington Coat Factory. Check a few places to find the coolest black coat for your man.


Black leather gloves are just the epitome of cool. Cat burglars, racecar drivers, spies and secret agents all wear them. Driving gloves, winter gloves or work gloves, take your pick. He’ll love them in black.


Some men wouldn’t be caught dead in a scarf. Make it black and it’s a subtle, functional accessory. Even the manliest of men won’t mind that. He may even grow to like it.

Regardless of what item you are purchasing for your guy or for what occasion, men typically respond best to cool colors such as blue and green or a neutral black. Black is a great, basic color that works with almost any style, so you can be sure that any gift you give him will be well suited.

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  1. SavingsIQ

    4 years ago

    I think scarves look great on men. It’s so easy to just throw one on and instantly update a jeans and shirt look.

  2. ChuckG

    4 years ago

    I don’t know about black jeans, not really seen them on guys. Black jackets are always cool on men and women.


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