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Keeping track of coupons can be tedious and time consuming. Using paper coupons requires that you find, clip and then store them in a place where they can be used when needed…before they expire. It can also be tough to find coupons for items you really need among the pages of coupons for things you never use. Trying to remember you have a coupon is a chore in itself. Companies like Offermatic have been working to take advantage of the digital aspect of shopping. These companies will monitor your spending habits and send you savings based on the items you tend to buy most often.

Imagine getting coupons for items you actually could use? Savings is Becoming Automated

Once you sign up for a free account through Offermatic, the company will begin to track your online purchases. You will receive savings opportunities for items that relate to the sites you visit most often. The savings are targeted to items that you are more likely to use, which could help you save more money than a random coupon list. Cutting costs is more effective when you receive offers for items that you would have purchased anyway. The automated system requires that your computer have cookies enabled in order to work properly.

Purchase Tracking Offline

Offermatic has recently begun a program that tracks all of your purchases more closely. If you register your debit or credit card at Offermatic, the service records every purchase you make with that card in your Offermatic database. You will receive offers based on your regular purchases, which allows the service to target your coupon needs even more accurately. Some stores partner with Offermatic so they can offer one-time cash back coupons for Offermatic members. If you already clip and save coupons, this system could save you even more time and money. If you never clipped coupons before, you will be surprised at the savings you can get with this system.

Accrue Points to Earn Savings

Many of the Offermatic savings opportunities come from accruing points with the service. Every time you shop at particular locations with the card that you have registered, you earn points. When your points reach a certain total, you can convert them for cash or a discount at that particular store. The nice thing about this system is that you earn points for shopping in the places where you would have shopped anyway. Once you have enough points, you can take advantage of the savings without having to do anything special to redeem the points.

It’s Not Perfect

Some shoppers worry about the safety of providing their debit or credit card information to a service like Offermatic. Although strict encryption at Offermatic should ease those consumers’ minds, the truth is that retailers already analyze your spending. You just don’t get any benefit from it yet. The service is completely anonymous, and the discounts it distributes are sent in bulk to avoid targeting any particular individual. The company claims that its security rivals that of any bank, so customers can feel completely safe.

How effective the service is will depend upon the stores included in the offers and whether you shop generic. In many cases, a purchase of a generic equivalent is cheaper than a name brand…even with a coupon.

Have you used Offermatic? What is your experience? Share with the newbies so we can all benefit from the service!

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  1. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    I like that you can earn points with purchase.. incentive for spending money!

  2. AdamRiley

    3 years ago

    Great program but wish they would give more points and offers. It is hard to get the next level (when you only get 2 points per use) to get better offers. However any offer is great I have got a few already.


    3 years ago

    hmm, looks to me like offer matic also has a referral program!

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