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Have you ever thought about how you prioritize vacation expenses? Do you spend hour after hour searching for the cheapest airfare? Do you choose the early-morning flight and leave long before you’re usually awake because it’s $20 less than the mid-morning flight? Do you shove everything into carry-on bags to save on checked baggage fees?

Many of us can answer yes to all of the above; however, as soon as we arrive at our destinations, we make a beeline to the nearest restaurant. “I’ve earned this expense,” we say–and it’s true. Vacations are so rare that we need a chance to relax and not worry about money. Sure, our eyes may widen for half a second when the bill comes, but hey, we saved $30 on the luggage fee. This food is worth the extra bucks!

However, when you buy meal after expensive meal, the expenditures add up quickly, and suddenly you’re hundreds of dollars over your vacation budget. Dining Club Memberships: A Better Way to Save

What many people don’t realize is that they may be able to save money on dining as well–often with far less stress than having to cut corners on other travel expenses. By making one simple investment in a dining club membership, individuals can receive significant discounts at select restaurants. Vacationers tend to eat breakfasts, lunches, and dinners out–three opportunities per day to save money.

Consider the cost of a dining club membership: about $20. Consider a modest discount of 10-15% per meal. You may spend upwards of $100 per day at restaurants when you are on vacation. Work out the math, and you will discover that as long as your vacation is more than one day long, you will easily recoup your investment.

How to Use Your Discounts

Dining club discounts typically take the form of a book of coupons with deals for a variety of local eateries. Discounts range from across-the-board percentage discounts to specific-dollar-value discounts to free side dishes or other specialty items. Most dining club discount books contain coupons for different types of restaurants. These will range from gourmet establishments to delicious hole-in-the-wall local eateries.

So, for just a few dollars, you get a discount and get to sample several different restaurants, making the most of your vacation experience. At worst, you are likely to make back your $20. At best, you could save hundreds.

Jessica Bosari writes for the money-saving site, The site is devoted to helping people reduce expenses, save money and find great deals. Pay Billeater a visit for more money-saving tips!

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  1. ebbeszoo

    3 years ago

    the best discounts i have from the Entertainment Book . although you have to consider if you get one in the area. also, i consider the places that have kids eat free!

  2. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    Working in hotel industry when we’d travel with our son we’d look for a place with a kitchenette. The hotel would at least have a hot stove, microwave and small fridge. Life saver because we could snack all day, have breakfast and lunch at the hotel and a nice meal out. Kitchenettes are the way to go!

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