Billeater: The Month of November Brings Shopping Cheers and Jeers

Billeater: The Month of November Brings Shopping Cheers and Jeers

I’m usually appalled when my mother asks for detailed Christmas lists for each member of our family in October. “Really?!” I want to scream, “I haven’t even got the last stitches in the Halloween costumes, and you want Christmas lists?” Instead, I smile and politely oblige, having no other choice if I want to keep peace in the family.

This year, however, after spending several days compiling these lists (after all, I don’t want my children getting toys they have no interest in, or worse yet, socks, for Christmas), I had an epiphany: I could get my shopping done in November, save some much cherished cash, and enjoy the entire month of December by baking, playing with my family, and not stressing about shopping!

No, I haven’t thanked my dear mother, but I did learn some interesting information about the best things to buy, and not to buy, in November. Candy

Yes, by November 1st, most homes are filled with piles of Halloween candy occupying the highest shelves of the cupboards waiting to be forgotten by candy-hungry children with no remorse for too much sugar consumption. But, if you can get past that for a minute and think of the future (stocking stuffers, birthday favors, bribery candy, late night fixes), why not stock up on the cheap stuff while it lasts? Stores greatly reduce candy prices directly after Halloween.


Shoppers commonly look for clothing and apparel deals after the New Year when stores want to get rid of winter stock and make room for spring lines. Sure, that’s a great time to find a steal–if you don’t mind searching through the already-picked-over racks for the right style and size that probably only comes in the color you didn’t want. Why not shop for exactly what you want and get it at up to 40 percent off? Many apparel stores offer superior deals in the weeks leading up to Black Friday.


November is a great time to buy an Android tablet or a laptop computer, particularly during the week leading up to Black Friday. HDTVs are also on sale in November, with prices discounted up to 20 percent on off-brand models. If you prefer more mainstream, reliable brands, wait until December for the discounts. Blu-ray discs can be found for a steal, making them great stocking stuffers or gift add-ons.


Santa doesn’t typically leave a new couch or bedroom set under the tree–but if you are in the market for some new home furnishings, recent sales activity shows that there are better deals to be had in November than January when most people look for home furnishings and furniture deals before the new lines come out in February. Consider those items needed for the home as an early Christmas gift to yourself, or get a great deal on furniture for a loved one.


If you’re like me, you continue to search for the perfect toy; the toy that will engage and excite all of your children for hours on end with little to no adult intervention; the toy that will delight all future generations. Well, don’t buy it in November. Toy retailers offer their best sales and promotions two weeks before St. Nick’s arrival, when overstocked items are begging to be snatched off the shelves.

What do you typically shop for in November? 

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  1. ChuckG at 10:51 pm

    A little filmmaker’s tip is to buy tons of fake blood after Halloween sales. Sure you can make your own, but by the time they cut the cost of the big gallons of blood, you save a bundle.

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