Billeater: The Top Three Qualities of a “Best Deal”


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Anyone who has been reading my posts at knows that I like to shop for the best quality, best price and the most convenience. When all is right with the world, these three qualities come together in the “perfect buy.” Quality

Quality is important because I want the things I buy to stick around a while. My fellow crafty sewers understand that an old sewing machine is much more reliable than a new one. I bought three new sewing machines before I settled on one classic machine that does not need constant repairs. Once upon a time, sewing machines were made only of high quality parts and designed by competent engineers. These days, I wonder if they have gremlins drawing out the blueprints.

For consumables like food, quality is more about avoiding dangerous chemicals or tainted food. I don’t need the cereal to be made of the “highest quality” ingredients. It doesn’t have to be a super food. I just need it to not kill my children and be tasty enough to choke down.

Lowest Price

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing for if I didn’t think it was important to keep costs down. That’s why price is important to the “perfect buy.” Although it’s not the first consideration in everything I buy, nothing could be a perfect purchase without being the lowest price available.

Buying a product for more than the lowest possible price leaves me feeling dissatisfied. When my research reveals an excellent product, it can only be perfect if I can find it at the right price. I wait to buy until I can find a price in line with lower quality versions of the product. Sometimes, however, life forces my hand and I must purchase before I find the perfect buy.


Convenience may seem like the antithesis of saving money–after all, you pay more for it. If you don’t feel like doing dishes, you have to buy disposables every week. If you want milk but don’t want to travel, you’ll pay extra at the convenience mart on the corner. But convenience is sometimes one of the most valuable aspects of the perfect buy. When I can get high quality for a low quality price and get it with little fuss, I am in heaven. After all, even free isn’t really “free” if you have to jump through hoops of flame to get it.

The last perfect buy I had was my Android phone, a Bravo for 1 penny at Amazon Wireless. It was quick and easy to order, cheaper than anywhere else, and had the best rating for any Android phone AT&T sold at the time. If you hold out for these three qualities in the items you buy, you will be much more satisfied with what you buy, and you will put more thought into every purchase decision. That in turn saves you money.

What qualities make up your idea of the “best deal” or “perfect buy”?  Share them with me in the comments below…

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