Breaking Down the EA Sports Season Ticket


Every week it seems a new program is kicked off that affects the future cash flow of video game aficionados worldwide. This week was no different as EA Sports announced a new program that will be great news to some and terrible news to others depending on your personal gaming preferences. Just yesterday, details were rolled out concerning the new EA Sports Season Ticket program. The new system is set to launch with Madden NFL 12, the company’s officially-licensed, best selling pro football game. The Season Ticket, which will cost $24.99 for one year, will initially cover the aforementioned latest version of Madden, the upcoming NHL 12, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, EA Sports NCAA Football and FIFA 12. Other games may be added in the future.

The Season Ticket is being designed to give users a few perks for signing up. The coolest of these in my opinion is the chance to download the games three days before their official release to test out (because really, in this day and age we have all become consumer beta testers), give feedback on popular sports gaming forums, and really to just dive into the sports sim fun before everyone else. Once a game goes live on sale, the download will fade away and you will still need to pick up your pre-order (if you went that route) or plop down the full price for the actual disc.

Other Season Ticket bonuses include: A 20% discount on EA Sports paid downloadable content (PDLC) that accompanies the games you end up purchasing, the ability to access premium web content such as adding real world graphics to the next iteration of FIFA from your computer, as well as exclusive membership badges.

The worst way to look at this is that it’s an extra $25 to get bonus material for your favorite game. A better way to look at it is: Suppose you are someone who purchases more than one EA Sports title per year. This could potentially be a great money saving offer. Think of it as $5 to test each game early before making a full-on purchase. For gamers who are really just say a Madden fan, or an NHL fan, an extra $25 to get early access to games might not be worth it.

To sign up for EA Sports Season Ticket membership via Xbox 360 or PS3, simply:


  1. Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account. 
  2. Search for and download the free EA SPORTS app from Game Marketplace.
  3. Locate the EA SPORTS app in your Game Library, and select “Play Game.”
  4. Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for 2000 Microsoft points.

PlayStation 3:

  1. Sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  2. Go to PlayStation Store and search for EA SPORTS Season Ticket.
  3. Select and make your purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for $24.99.

So what do you think? Season ticket yay or Season Ticket nay?

Follow my further discussion of EA’s newest initiative with some fellow gamers via Twitter @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    Son loved his Madden sports game. He had at least one sports game per game console. I think most guys do, so this looks like a good deal.

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