3 steps to budget for the holidays with these free tools and more


Instead of a “Happy Holiday”, it’s more like the “Nightmare Before Christmas” as soon as someone mentions the word “budgeting” for the Holidays.  Facing the Holiday season can be both fun and frightening. In fact, I think I’d rather face the Zombie Apocalypse than a retail store early on Black Friday morning…..#TrueStory

But I digress, there is some use to having a plan in place. Gives me a little more room to breathe…after I’ve stopped hyperventilating over the thought of the word budget. So here we go…we can do this…. 1. The first step is admitting we have a problem. Hi, my name is Crystal and I have a shopping problem. With so many deals available, it’s just so easy to buy stuff! I mean…these deals don’t happen very often, right? WRONG! For a DealPro, every day is like Black Friday. Deals are everywhere, all the time – and once we’ve got that figured out, we’re ready to save some moolah for the Holidays.

2. Next, let’s take ten minutes to sit down and write the names of the people we want to give gifts to. What’s the maximum you are willing to spend on said person? Does your third cousin Milfred really need to be on that list? Do you know exactly what you want to give some of the people on your list? Let’s write that down. 

3. Now we plan to shop online this Holiday season as much as you can. Why? ‘Cause I told you so, dagnamit! Oh wait…taking off the “Mom hat.” ‘Cause seriously, who wants to head out to the store when all those stores are offering the same deals or better online with coupon codes and free shipping? Not me! I’ll definitely be heading out for my $20 Frasier Fir at The Home Depot, but other than that…I’m staying in with my cozy slippers and PJs while I snatch up all the deals and laugh in the face of Black Friday mayhem! 

Okay, so after all that, we still don’t want to budget…I get it. So let’s make it super simple with these awesome free printables that are available for making lists, budgeting, and even for just writing sweet little notes to loved ones on Christmas stationary. Enjoy! 

Free Budgeting and Gift Planning Printables

Free Christmas Printable Stationary

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Pinterest Christmas Board

What’s your best tactic for tackling that Christmas budget and shopping list? Go ahead, you can talk about it…this is the safety zone for Shopaholics! 

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog TheThriftyMama.com.

(Source: Savings.com)

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