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The school year has finally kicked off for us Angelenos. Yay!  Since I still haven’t received the official list of school supplies needed, I am glad that all the Back to School sales are still going on.

As any school-aged parent knows, Back to School spending does not stop with school supplies and clothing because there are other associated costs throughout the school year.  Last year, I had to pay for a portion of the field trips, chip in on monthly beverage fees, provide monthly snacks, bought teacher’s gifts and the list goes on.

If you just started the school year and want additional Back to School ideas, our DealPros are awesome at doing just that.  If you’re not interested in anything school related, they also have tips on reducing your cable bill, making popcorn out of the wok and more. Back To School

Is your child starting college this year?  I remember the days of buying over-priced college books that the professors decided not to use at the last minute and to this day, they sit pretty on my bookshelf.  Any of you studying film theory or screenwriting?  If you are, I will sell my books very cheap to you.  If not, Buying Cheaper College Books is still possible with tips from Creative Couponing.

I don’t know about you, but once school starts, I really have no breathing room.  From carpooling my child, working full-time to homework time, putting meal on the table is really the last thing on my mind.  If you’re like me, you need to look at Meal Plan Monday~easy back-to-school menu plan for dozens of meals! on Smart Spending Spot.  It takes an easy step-by-step approach to meal-planning that would otherwise be scary for me.

One of my larger costs during the school year were teachers’ gifts.  You have the teacher and then the teacher’s assistant.  They both have birthdays, Christmas, Teacher’s Appreciation Day/Week and end of school year gift (there are other holidays that you could gift as well).  It’s really hard to come up with good gift ideas because they’ve received everything under the sun (I’m against re-gifting your own holiday gifts, unless it’s a gift card).  If you want an original and unique gift idea that can grab your teacher’s attention then you must check out Thrifty Northwest Mom’s Teacher Gifts — Pedestal Vase with Pencils & more and Frugalissa Finds’ First Day of School Gifts for Teachers.

50% off Cable Bills, Popcorn, Cookies & More

Last week, I wrote about how I saved money on my Time Warner internet bill.  This week, you can learn from I Am That Lady with 4 Ways to cut your cable bill in half.  Be persistent with your provider or simply think out of the box and you can dramatically reduce your monthly costs (If my family can, yours can too!).

I don’t have a garden, but I wish I was the neighbor of Sarah’s Deals, so I could be the fortunate recipient of her Garden Bounty Overload.  If you have an over-abundant garden and it’s more than what your family needs, she offers you ideas on where you could potentially give your fresh juicy tomatoes to.  But if you’re here in Southern California, please comment below and I will be at your doorstep within 5 minutes (well, traffic allowing).

Do you have a wok?  Who would have known that you could make your own batch of popcorn in it.  I love The Thrifty Mama because she offers you an alternative that’s healthier and budget-friendly in Back to Basics Popcorn

When I was pregnant, I missed all of my mom’s homemade meals.  If I had it my way, I would have forced her to cook it and FedEx it to me, all the way from Chicago.  But, the next best thing was having her recipes.  NorCal Coupon Gal feels the same way with her mom’s Black & White or Half Moon Cookie recipe In The Kitchen With Mom Mondays.

Hope your school year went off without a hitch!  Do you have any additional tips to add this week?

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