Celebrating Valentine’s Day: For Rich or For Poor


Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away, and you know what that means…

….Red and pink decorations have overtaken the stores for weeks now, and you’ve been eyeing those boxes of chocolate strategically placed next to the check-out counter at Vons. I haven’t been able to turn on the TV lately, without catching a trailer for the newest rom-com. Holidays are being promoted earlier, as stores spotlight their sales, and I can’t be alone in thinking that the past few months have seemed like an endless holiday, as Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years have melted into one ongoing event.

According to this infographic by History.com, 62% of Americans say that they celebrate Valentine’s Day, and last year, $448 million was spent on candy the week before.  Am I the only person wondering how much of that people bought for themselves? The fact remains- most of you are celebrating, but the question is- how should you?

Spend a lot of money.

Shower her with roses, chocolate, and jewelry. Send her flowers at work, so she can pretend to blush when the secretary sets them on her desk.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day, you know them at least moderately well (at least, I hope so). You have a fairly good idea of what makes this person happy. Is she the wine-and-dine type? Spend a little extra on flowers (or snag a deal that allows you to really wow her, while still sticking to budget). Is he the type of guy that would rather stay in than go out? Planning your date based on the person ensures that it will stand out, rather than be another generic Valentine’s Day.

Don’t spend too much money.

Be creative. If you can’t afford to have a fancy dinner out (in what will inevitably be a crowded restaurant), then don’t! Put together a scavenger hunt and have a picnic on the beach (NOTE: This only works if you live remotely near the beach). Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a cliché, so don’t let it dissolve into one.  

Are you an avid cook? Prepare a meal together! If you’re still perfecting the art of scrambling eggs, however, then this may not be the night to channel your inner Julia Child.  Did you meet over your mutual love of cheesy 80’s films? Stop by your favorite take-out restaurant, and spend the night in!

I’m not suggesting that you go to extreme measures and make Valentine’s Day a cheap occasion. But choose what you’re going to invest in. Some people couldn’t care less about receiving a card- other people, like myself, place a great deal of weight on choosing the right one, and select an overpriced card (I’m looking at you, Papyrus) with embellishments and details. At the end of the day, spending $5 on a card and cooking a meal together may be the perfect gift!

This Valentine’s Day- focus on your Valentine. It’s not about impressing anyone other than your partner. Someone is going to out-do you. No matter how much money you spend on her, I guarantee you that someone’s husband spent more. Your best bet is to invest time into creating a memorable evening, and spend money on what really matters.

What’s the most memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve had?

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