CES 2012 Video Game Preview


This week sees the start of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2012 looks to debut a few hotly anticipated electronics items. Among these will be a a slew of tech dedicated to the video game community.
Ultrabooks are the new buzzword in the laptop community. Ultrabooks, like the multi-touch lineup from Intel set to debut this year, are super-thin, lightweight laptops. CES ’12 will feature several that have been getting good early reviews.

For gamers, the jury is still out on whether these Ultrabooks will become the go-to laptop gaming source. Acer‘s lineup of Aspire S5’s should see app support from the Android market down the line and the machines will be powerful enough to support on-the-go gaming. One drawback could be price. While Intel looks to innovate with the use of the Ultrabook as a sleek, albeit larger motion controller, the expected $700 to $1,200 price tags for those new Ultrabooks could keep gamers away.

The LG Dual Play also makes a debut at CES this year. Dual Play allows for split screen gaming via the new LG Cinema 3D HDTVs. The positives, according to MTV Geek:

“Using Dual Play two gamers will be able to see two completely different images by wearing special glasses, eliminating the ability to scope your opponent’s screen while playing.”

The downside?

The only downside is that we’ll have to wear 3D glasses and won’t get the benefit of 3D gaming.

On the accessory front, many top-of-the-line headsets will be revealed. Turtle Beach’s high-end Ear Force X32 and X42 Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Xbox 360 Headsets will cost $99.95 and $159.95 respectively. They will come with 50mm drivers and 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi technology.

The Wii U will make a debut at the show, has already been seen on the show floor, but likely any hands on will take place behind closed doors. Expect reports to start flowing out from the show once new info leaks on Nintendo‘s next console. Don’t expect any pricing info to come out this week though. That will likely be revealed sometime during or after E3 this year.

Finally, on the PS (Playstation) Vita front, AT&T officially announced the data plans for Sony‘s next mobile gaming device. The good and the bad of the Vita pricing announcement:

“Plans will be similar to the iPad and iPhone with two tiers – $14.99 for 250MB and $25 for 2GB. The Playstation PS Vita will have 3G and Wi-Fi support to allow PS Vita’s gamers to access the Playstation Network. Unfortunately, the PS Vita will not support of AT&T’s new and faster 4G LTE network nor will it have unlimited data.”

The show began unofficially on Sunday, but the full event kicks off today. Stay tuned to the comments section below for constant updates. Also be sure to follow my continued coverage all week long of CES 2012 via Twitter @SavingsGCapes. Next week I will do a post CES wrap-up talking about all of the hot gaming-related items yet to be revealed at the show.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    Look forward to reading what you’ll find at the show.

  2. GuyCopes

    3 years ago

    From Razer, comes Project Fiona…a handheld gaming tablet. http://www.razerzone.com/projectfiona

  3. GuyCopes

    3 years ago

    Lot of talks about Windows 8 tablets and gaming.

  4. GuyCopes

    3 years ago

    No PS4 at E3.


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