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What are your money saving goals?  Stop for a second, close your eyes, and breathe.  Are you sticking your feet in some warm sand in Bali, drinking coconut water and feeling the light ocean breeze brushing your skin?  Or do you see your baby waving their hand goodbye as they leave to go to college?

We all save money for a reason.  If we have a goal, it makes the sometime grueling process well worth it and heightens the stakes.  I for one have been saving to get our first home for the last 7 years.  Finally, we are positioned nicely to make that purchase and all my struggles, not getting the clothes I wanted or going on a nice family vacation, were all worth it!

This week, I stopped and revisited my goals again, after reading some of the great tips from our DealPros.  Everything from having the right financial mindset to staying motivated when couponing will help me reach my goal. Your Views on Money

“I don’t have any money.”  Does that sound familiar?  It was Kristie’s mantra of Saving Dollars & Sense.  Once you Change Your Financial Perspective, your habits toward spending money changes too.  Why buy something you don’t have cash for and put it on your credit card?  Not only does that put you in debt, you become a prisoner to that item.

Couponing Burn Out

Whether it’s trying to snap up every free deal at every store or trying to use every coupon that comes through your mailer, it can be a very tiring and never-ending process.  So how can you avoid getting too burnt out?  Cleverly Simple gives you easy tips on How to Stay Motivated in Couponing.

Making Extra Cash with Apps

What?!  Northern Cheapskate tells us about Two New Apps Help You Make Extra Cash.  Similar to mystery shopping (which I’ve done before), you are asked to take pictures of the story display or price check certain items.  You can be paid as quickly as 48 hours after completing your job.

Making the most out of Consignment Sales

I love shopping at kids consignment sales.  In the past, I’ve scored some great deals on gently used or brand new (straight from the manufacturer) kids clothing and gear.  I’ve also sold some of my own children’s item and had better results than Craigslist.  Valerie Hoff of 11Alive gives her Tips for Selling at Consignment Sales.

Saving Time on Lunchbox Preparation

Oh the joys of packing a lunch for my daughter!  On some days I love it and most days I am dreading it because I usually have a thousand other things to do besides packing a lunch.  So how can you save time, sleep a little bit more and have lunch ready-to-go?  How about Bulk Lunchbox Prep from Sarah’s Deals.  I am going to try this next week and see what happens.

Make your own Soap Nuts, Play Dough & Restaurant Style Pumpkin Pancakes

Have you tried using soap nuts to clean your laundry?  I have.  At first, I was like no way and after trying it, I was sold.  The Thrifty Mama teaches you how to Make Your Own Laundry Soap with Soap Nuts.  You can even make soap nut shampoo, how cool is that!

My 3 year old is in love with play dough.  Anytime we step foot in a drugstore or any store for that matter, my daughter is looking for play dough.  The cost adds up, so I was happy to see Don’t Buy It, Make It: Play Dough by Good Deal Divas.  I will be making a huge batch of these!

Are you craving some good ole’ restaurant style pumpkin pancakes?  Well, try Prudent Pantry’s Fluffy Pumpkin Pancake Recipe and see if it hits a spot.  I can already smell them (breathe in… yum!).

So here’s to another week of tips from our fabulous DealPros!  Come back next week, to see what they have in store for you.

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