Cheap and Free Games Online: Final Ninja and Mine4Dead


Before we get started on another journey through the Blog’s little corner of Geekdom known as the Guy and No One Else Video Game Show, a bit of a disclaimer is necessary. The title is misleading. This week’s edition of the video game blog will cover Mine4Dead and how to get it for free. But I will also talk a bit about Indie games and the fact that many of them are not only fun, but innovative and cheap (or even free) to purchase.

Let’s dive in. Mine4Dead

Cost: FREE

Mine4Dead is a skin that can be downloaded and added to existing saves of Minecraft on your PC. It plays like a mashup of Minecraft and Left4Dead, the zombie survival horror game, with character models that bear more than a passing resemblance to LEGO characters. Like I said, you need to have Minecraft on your computer already, but the download and setup process for the skin is fairly simple.

The Windows setup found with the Installation Guide is as follows:


1) Download the Map from (Link Given)
2) Put the .zip file on your desktop (or somewhere where you can easily find it again.)
3) Press Start, and type in %appdata%. Click into Roaming. *XP – Press Start, Run, then %appdata%. Click into Roaming.
4) Go into .minecraft/saves.
5) Unzip the Mine 4 Dead Folder (already done) and place the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
6) Play and Enjoy!

Mass Effect: Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Cost: FREE

Just to be clear, this is not an official Mass Effect add-on or any type of authorized DLC (Downloadable Content). Mass Effect: Dark Corners of the Galaxy is a MOD for OpenBOR (Beats of Rage customizable engine offered as open source-ware) that re-imagines Mass Effect characters and their story in an old school fighting game setting. As stated above the game is free and can be downloaded onto a PC or Mac, or ported to consoles and the Sony PSP with relative ease.

Final Ninja

Cost: FREE

Available for free play on Kongregate Arcade or, Final Ninja is a fun-filled star-throwing, Ninja-controlling romp through the side-scrolling adventure style gaming of years past. Simple keyboard based controls highlight the user friendly gameplay. The game can be played online via your browser. I haven’t been able to find a mobile version as of yet, so points off for that.

Another game that I didn’t have time to really test out is GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+, which is free in the Android Marketplace. I hope to get hands on with it later tonight. In the meantime, check it out and let me know what you think and we can discuss it via an impromptu review session in the comments below.

Until then, you can find me discussing the latest video game news and free finds on Twitter @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. champ76

    3 years ago

    You had me at the word “CHEAP” !

  2. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    I tried Zombie games at the arcade but they blood and gore that comes with those games turn me off. How violent is the Ninja game? I like Mortal Combat and Tekken so I do like Martial Arts Games.

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