FreeHotSamples: Coffee and Tea Freebies


Free caffeine alert! A lot of us are like walking zombies in the morning. I know I wonder aimlessly in the kitchen until I get my first cup and suddenly the fog in my brain lifts. I couldn’t get through my day without it. If your out driving this week and need a pick me up, stop by your local Quik Chek to grab a free medium caramel coffee. Don’t forget to print the coupon from their Facebook page first, (expires 3/12), as you need it to keep the offer free. Nescafe has six free instant coffee individual servings you can order from their Facebook page. These are great for keeping in your desk drawer. Now I know not everyone drinks coffee, but there are tea freebies too. Fix Energy Tea will mail you a sample, just scroll down their page to fill in the form. Teasta will send you a sample of your choice. First, you have to create an account or log in. You can create your account by clicking ‘my account’ at the top right of their page. Choose your 2 samples by going through the tabs of the different types of tea at the top of their page. Just look for the word ‘sample’ in the description and the price will be $3.15, then add your 2 choices to your cart. As you go through the checkout process enter coupon code TRYME and make sure you choose, ‘free shipping’ and ‘no payment sample order.’ No credit card is required. For some reason this offer works best using Firefox, and I found out I had some issues when using Internet Explorer. For those who like iced tea you can snag a Lipton Tea & Honey sample from their Facebook page.

Jackie lives in Seattle, her blog is . Where there are hundreds of freebies and deals up for grabs.

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