Comparison Costs of LA Fitness Health Club and Other Gym Memberships


Now that summer has passed, it doesn’t mean we should let out beach bodies go. The days of frolicking on the beach and hiking may soon be numbered, but you can still keep your body in tip top shape by working out at your local gym.

Concerned about membership plans? I’ll break it down for you. LA Fitness

This popular club offers low rates and various locations. Currently, they have membership rates starting at $9.95 a week for the multi-club option. That means you can go to any LA Fitness club in your state. There is also $0 initiation fee which is awesome. Some clubs try to get you with their “initiation fee” saying that it’s necessary or what not. I signed up for LA Fitness years ago and had to pay a $50 initiation fee. LA Fitness also has group fitness classes like spinning and yoga so you don’t have to get bored running on the treadmill.

Bally Total Fitness

Another popular gym is Bally Total Fitness. They are offering a free 7 day trial so you can see how you like their club. They offer a variety of plans depending on your needs. The lowest priced plan is the one club plan for $9.99 every 2 weeks and $0 enrollment fee. This offer is available on their website, and best of all you don’t need to sign a pesky contract! If you want to go to more than one club in your area, the fee goes up to $13.99 every 2 weeks. This would make sense if you are going to the gym after work and you don’t want to sit in traffic to go to the gym by your house. Eliminate the stress of traffic and get fit at the same time in one of their many fitness classes.

24 Hour Fitness

Are you a night owl or despise working out when the gym is packed? 24 Hour Fitness may be the gym for you. The majority of their locations are open 24 hours a day, as you can guess from their name. You can work out at midnight after your huge steak dinner if you wish. They are offering a free three day all-club pass, which means you can check out 3 different clubs in your area in the 3 days. After that, if you decide to join they have plans starting at $19.99 a month and $0 initiation depending on the club type and location. Also, if you want to add a family member, the rate goes up $5 to $24.99 for both of you. No more excuses! Now, you have a workout partner which research has shown to be effective in helping you keep your workout goals.

Gold’s Gym

Known as the body builder’s gym, Gold’s Gym has evolved to include classes such as yoga, spin and Pilates. They have a seven day free pass as well. The lowest membership is $24.99 every 2 weeks with $0 down and free personal training. You have to sign a 12 month contract though, so make sure you really like this gym. If you don’t want to sign a contract, there is a $99 enrollment fee and $24.99 every 2 weeks. I’d go with the contract since spending $99 on enrollment just sounds like a waste of money.


Not as big a chain as the other ones mentioned above, Crunch is popular with celebrities. They are the ones notorious for Cardio Striptease classes. Offering non-traditional classes than the average spin and yoga, Crunch can be a great option for someone who wants to kick up their workouts a notch. With such interesting classes, the membership is higher than your usual. For one club, the lowest plan is $69.99 a month with a $249 enrollment fee. Yikes! You can also sign up for a free trial pass online to see if you really like Crunch.


The most elite of the clubs is Equinox. It’s not cheap at all at $144 a month for a single club membership. This doesn’t include the $150 activation fee. So, if you sign up today, you’ll have to pay $294 upfront. Most people are willing to pay this amount because the classes, equipment and clientele are better–i.e., the members who join are serious about going to the gym to work out, not to check out other people. It doesn’t say online, but most locations will give you a free 3 day pass when you go into their club. Make sure you check out the awesome swimming pools they are known for.

The Y

Formerly known as YMCA, The Y has swimming, fitness classes and classes for kids as well. You can get a 7 day trial to see at your local Y before committing. I like that they offer childcare so busy parents can still work out. There are over 26,000 Y’s nationwide, so location isn’t a problem. Membership rates vary and they even offer financial aid for those who qualify. You might like the Y if you’re not into huge gyms.

What gym are you a member of and did you get a discount?

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    You really have to check the gyms out for yourself in your local area. Gold’s Gym in Santa Cruz small, tight and definitely a body builder’s gym. The 24-hour fitness is Santa Cruz was HUGE big and new but the clerks there were so unfriendly and corporate. Get a good feel for the gym and make sure you’re happy with the total atmosphere. It makes a huge difference when you work out.

  2. jbh2kplus

    3 years ago

    I personally have 24 hour fitness. I paid $599 for 3 years and then $50 every year after. I know people who pay $15 a year after their initial 3. Lucky them..

  3. McPants

    3 years ago

    What happened above? Wow. I’m a member of SNAP fitness here in the great white north (MN), and I pay around $40/month with access to all clubs and no initiation fee or contract. The gyms are small and have no showers or classes….but they are great for folks on a budget and who can plan their own fitness routines. I was also a long-time member of Gold’s Gym. They can be a meat locker, but the rates are usually good – as IQ alludes to above, rates generally decline as the contract term expands.

  4. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    @ McPants- $40 a month is good with all access. How many gyms are in the are?

  5. ashleywade

    3 years ago

    I go to 24, and have an all-access pass for $30/month. I joined during a promo a while back, so I didn’t have to pay an initiation fee, and I don’t have a contract. I definitely agree with ChuckG though- each location has a different feel, and since their gyms are tiered, some are way nicer than others.

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