Composting in four easy steps


Composting is great for helping your plants grow, preventing certain plant diseases and deterring some pests in your garden. Composting also helps prevent food scraps and yard waste from heading to the landfill, and saves you money on gardening products you would otherwise buy at the store.

You can compost inside on your countertop or outside, but if you are just starting out, I suggest trying a kitchen compost to see how you like it.

Here are four simple steps to get started:
1. Start with a small compost pail.
Compost pails are small so they fit on your counter and they are a cute addition to your kitchen décor. They come in multiple colors from white to stainless steel. You can find them easily on or make your own.

2. Know what you can and cannot compost.
You want to make sure the compost is adding nutritional value to your garden, so you want to compost the right stuff. Your compost should have an equal amount of brown to green material. Check the EPA’s website for ideas on what to compost and what to avoid.

3. Chop up what you can before throwing it in. It’s ok to throw in a full banana peel, but your compost will work faster if you give it a hand. Chop or blend up what you can before throwing it in your pail or bin if possible.

4. Replace the filters frequently. Once your bin is producing beautiful compost, you’ll want to make sure you are replacing the charcoal filters regularly to prevent things from stinking up your kitchen. No one wants the smell of garbage to ruin their composting fun.

Once you have the kitchen composting down, you can move outside for even more composting fun!

Susan Cardoza is passionate about all things organic. She knows organic can be more expensive, so she started her blog in 2009 to help people go organic on a budget.


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