Cook Fast, Live Young: Edible Father’s Day 2011 Gift Ideas

Cook Fast, Live Young: Edible Father’s Day 2011 Gift Ideas

We’re approaching Father’s Day, and once again you have no idea what to get your dad. He’s all set on the traditional ties and socks, and he’s still working his way through the treasure trove of books you got him from Christmas. Moreover, your parents are trying to downsize and get rid of stuff they don’t need, so the last thing they want is some new gadget taking up space.

So how can you abide by their wishes and still get Dad something that you know he’s going to love? How about appealing to his sweet (or salty) tooth? There are all kinds of ideas out there and places happy to fulfill any culinary desire. You could simply go and get Dad his favorite sweet from a high-end bakery or candy store, or buy and cook his favorite meal–but since this is his one day a year, let’s be a little more inventive.

Help him wake up and smell the coffee
…with a Coffee of the Month club membership. I recommend Better Beans, which offers a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month subscription. The coffee comes with a newsletter that profiles the artisan roaster that is featured that month, so your dad will learn a little about what he’s going to drink.

Get meaty! Omaha Steaks are perfect for the dad that loves to barbecue. There are a lot of great Father’s Day deals going on right now–some for more than half off! And there are many Meat of the Month clubs, such as this exotic meat club featuring everything from Kangaroo to Alligator.

Bring him back to his roots. If there’s no specific type of food your dad loves, consider taking him out to one of his favorite restaurants or getting him something from where he grew up. Since my dad’s from Wisconsin, I found this great site that has all kinds of delicious treats by Wisconsin artisans. What dad wouldn’t love a tasty reminder of his childhood?

Consider his non-food-related interests. Pair food with your sense of craftiness by shaping it into something he loves like a football, a golf club, or even an edible candy guitar!

The most important thing, of course, is to make your gift as personal as possible whatever it is. And remember–when in doubt, you can always ask Mom for suggestions!

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