Cruising Doesn’t Have to Put Your Wallet in a Life Boat


A cruise can offer hassle free travel with luxurious amenities without leaving your wallet drowning, as long as you do a bit of thought-filled planning. You’ll be sure to fit in with the cruising crowd once you implement a few easy ideas to reach the destination of your choice.

Port of Call
Before booking a cruise, make sure you are aware of where the ship will be leaving from. Choosing a ship that will be departing from a far off destination may seem exotic, but beware, getting to that port of call can tack on added travel costs. Air fair can to some locations can prove to be quite pricy. Location is Everything
When choosing your cabin, location is important. The cabin that may seem to be a real deal could be located right under the dance floor or above the all night gym. With this said, it is important to know that all ships offer floor plans. Check out the floors above and below your cabin of choice, before booking it.

Day Trippin’

One fun and interesting thing to do is a day trip when the ship is docked for the day. Don’t just stay in your cabin or opt to sit by the pool; use the stop as a jumping-off point for a day-vacation.  When shopping, before making a purchase, check two or three shops to get an idea of the market value of the items you are interested in. Oftentimes, those shops closest to the port will have higher prices than those a bit farther in. Shop owners figure they can entice costumers, with their close proximity, to shell out more money. Don’t be fooled, there are deals to be had.

Haggle & Bargain
When shopping at a port of call, keep in mind that it is customary to haggle and bargain over prices. Don’t be intimidated and agree to the first price a merchant offers for an item you really want. Set a reasonable price in your mind and see if you and the merchant can come to terms on a price under what he or she originally offered.

Don’t Call Home
When cruising, remember that cell phone roaming charges are exorbitant. Instead of opting to make a call, send a postcard at the next port. If you don’t want to be entirely out of touch, check with your carrier and see if messaging is cheaper than a phone call. Check out your carrier’s fees for calls, texts or e-mails before you pack your bags, as some carriers offer limited plans for out of network travels.

Alaska and the Caribbean are the most popular cruise destinations, where would you cruise to?

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