Deal or No Deal: Xbox Live Gold Specials and More


This week, we take another trip down Video Game Deal or No Deal lane. As always the purpose of this feature is to break down what is and what isn’t a gift to your wallet, pocketbook, or European man-bag. So sit back relax and get ready to download some awesome deals or find out if you need to set that must grab special to ignore for being a not so great pseudo bargain.
Xbox Live Marketplace Deal(s) of the Week

This week looks to be Grand Theft Auto Week on the marketplace as three titles appear deeply discounted for both Gold and Silver Live members. The three GTA themed downloads include two associated with Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Lost and the Damned is being offered for the Gold Exclusive Price of 400 Microsoft Points and is available to Silver members for 800 Microsoft points. The Ballad of Gay Tony can be downloaded to your Xbox 360 hard-drive for just 800 points (Gold) or 1600 points (Silver).

The third Deal of the Week is a full download of the now infamous classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This one is available to Gold members for the discounted cost of 800 Microsoft points. Silver members will have to spend 1200 points to download the game.

Prognosis: This is a great deal–or rather group of deals. Four hundred Microsoft points translates to $5.00, 800 points to $10.00, while 1,200 points equals $15.00 and 1,600 points comes out to $20.00. Now compare that to the usual $19.99 cost of buying one of the two GTA IV downloads and you are saving a significant amount. If you want to find these games on disc, you can also usually find used copies of these Episodes From Liberty City on one disc for around $25-$27 used. A new copy (still a good bargain) can be found for around $30.00. But the Xbox Live deals in my opinion trump all. If you have the hard-drive space to download and store them.’s Video Game Deal of the Week

Last time out I kind of picked on Amazon, even though the not-so-hot deal they had up could be found on multiple sites throughout the web. While that “discount” proved to be a dud, the big A redeems themselves this week with a discount that truly puts the S in Savings. (It’s okay, I have no idea what that means either).

There are three deals highlighted, but the one that stands out is an offering of 37% off L.A. Noire, the latest hit from Rockstar Games. The discount applies to both the Xbox 360 version and the Playstation 3 version. Regularly priced at $59.99 new, you can purchase them via Amazon for just $37.99 through this week.

Prognosis: Easy. This is a great deal all the way. A top-selling game that has been out roughly a month available at such a nice discount already? Cue the applause please.

With that, it seems this week has produced two solid sets of deals and no, well, “No Deal.” I’m sure there are some duds out there I have missed. Have you found any good deals, any non-deal video game deals, or do you just disagree with my assessment of these two? Comment freely below.

If Twitter is more your comfort zone, let’s discuss, debate, rejoice more @SavingsGCapes. Until next week, game responsibly my friends.

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  1. ChuckG

    4 years ago

    With all the controversy around Grand Theft Auto, my son never really got into it (don’t think). I know games are meant to be fun, but there’s a fine line between fun and what goes into an impressionable mind.


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