DealPro Blog RoundUp- 5/23


JCPenney- do you miss us? A few months ago, JCPenney teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres and launches a marketing campaign to promote their everyday low prices. I know what you’re thinking- JCPenney always has low prices. Well, now it’s guaranteed! Not quite, but the store wanted to drive customers in their stores without waiting for a specific sale or coupon. No longer would you see a commercial for “THE JCPENNEY ONE-DAY ONLY SALE!”, which let’s be honest, was promoted nearly every other week. For that, I’m thankful. Overall, Penney’s stock dipped and they suffered losses. Did the lack of sales and coupons make you refrain from shopping there?

Saving With Grocery Sale Cycles: Stocking Up I’m going to keep bringing this up until you’ve all got it memorized. Sale items + coupons = saving money. Buy a lot when the price is low, so you’re not purchasing when prices are high.

How to Save on Meat: Buy in Bulk With the pink slime debacle barely behind us, more and more people are paying attention to what’s actually in their meat. Don’t think you’re doomed to cheap meat with mystery ingredients, because you’ve got a fixed budget. Read on to find out how to save on your essential protein* Save on Back To School Items for next year with these End of Year Savings Strategies It’s hard to think of back to school, when the school year and graduation is just finishing up (and for many of us, is still taking place). However, just as purchasing clothes out of season can help you save, the same can be said for school supplies. Save yourself the trouble of standing in line at the office supply stores in a few months, by beating the crowds, and saving money.

Turn a Dollar Store place mat into a tote for a child It seems like there are always new DIY project popping up. This one in particular works best if you use a cloth place mat, since a plastic one wouldn’t exactly work as a tote.

At Home Spa Treatments for Your Skin, Face, and Hair Need to freshen up your beauty routine, but can’t afford a trip to the aesthetician? While you may not get to fall asleep on the treatment table while indulging in a face massage, these simple recipes will help you polish up your skin. I’d also like to add one of my own- Aztex Secret (a green bentonite clay) mixed with apple cider vinegar. It’s one of the cheapest things I’ve ever done for my skin, and quite literally, has revolutionized my complexion. Yes, the pulsing and tightening you feel is completely normal.

Let’s Get Organized: Small Stockpile Pantry Storage! Just because your life has started to resemble an episode of “Extreme Couponing”, doesn’t mean that you need to be worried about appearing on “Hoarders”. Get rid of the trash and get organized. Learn some helpful tips here.

Pros and Cons of Grocery Outlets While DealPro Lisa Lightner isn’t a huge fan of grocery outlets, her view has softened considerably in the past few years. If you’re debating whether to add a grocery outlet to your shopping list, this is a good place to start.

A bucket of rice, an hour of fun Remember those colorful sand bottles you filled at the fair? There’s something about the bright colors swirling together into different patterns that’s just fun. This cheap activity only calls for a bag of rice and some food dye, but can make for an entertaining project for your kids.

10 Uses For Mason Jars We’d like to take full credit for the pictures of the centerpieces at DealPro Shelly’s “latest conference”. Succulents in mason jars are just too cute.

*Unless like me, you don’t eat meat. In which case, celebrate! Beans and tofu are much more wallet-friendly than their animal alternatives.

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