DealPro Blog RoundUp- 6/13


Another day, another DealPro round-up! See below for our favorite posts of this past week…

How To: Stay Fit On A Budget We’re already half-way through June, and it’s bikini and shorts season. If you’ve been putting off working out because of concerns about the costs, this is the post for you. Getting in shape and staying healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. If you prefer the treadmill to the sidewalk, find out how to get a discounted gym membership. If you like workout videos, you can often look up how-to’s on Youtube or other sites.

6 Ways to Find Organic Coupons If you’ve ever wanted to start couponing but think it’s impossible because you only shop at stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, then I’ve got news for you- it’s not! Grocery stores are grocery stores, and they all accept coupons! It may be a little trickier to find deals on smaller brands, but it’s doable. This handy list outlines six ways you can find coupons on healthier foods.

I’m Clipping, I’m Dealing… But I Don’t Feel Like I’m Saving Money If you’ve recently started incorporating coupons and free rebates into your drugstore shopping trips but still don’t feel as if your bank account is showing a difference, then read on.

Recipe: Freezer Cooking Weekly- Black Beans Freezer cooking is a great idea for people who enjoy the simplicity of planning ahead, and having meals ready to go in a pinch. Spend a little time preparing larger batches of food, and freeze for later use. Follow this easy recipe to avoid freezer burn and learn exactly what freezer cooking entails.

Recipe: Sand Pudding If you’re anything like me, you read the title and thought “Sand Pudding? Wait, what? Is this an actual recipe or a play activity for the kids?” Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes, with all the BBQ’s and summer parties that abound. This fun dessert may look like someone dumped the contents of a sandbox into a salad bowl, but looks are deceiving. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids at your next neighborhood block party.

Recipe: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes Nothing says home cooking quite like a recipe from Mom. DealPro Ashley has started a new column to share her Mom’s favorite recipe and add a touch of old-fashioned cooking to your kitchen. Ditch he box of Aunt Jemima that you’ve had sitting in your cupboard for the past year or two, and roll up your sleeves. This fluffy treat is sure to be a hit at breakfast.

Recipe: Chicken Enchiladas (With Homemade Sauce) This recipe includes ingredients that are on sale this week at the grocery store, so you don’t have to feel like you’re spending extra. It also stores well in the freezer, so you could easily assemble this over the weekend, and take out for later in the week.

Summer Sanity Pinterest Board- Keep Your Kids Entertained All Summer Long Even if you’re not getting married anytime soon or redecorating your house, Pinterest is a great way to organize activities, recipes, and more that you want to try soon. We love this board- it’s full of crafts, outdoor activities and fun experiments that will keep the kids entertained and relieve the burden of trying to come up with new ideas.

Summer Activity Jars Need another way to organize all of the fun activities you have planned for the kids? Draw a name from a hat! Err… something like that. All you need is three different jars and colored paper to get you started- plus, the kiddos can help by cutting out strips of paper!

Three Ways to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees If you don’t fly enough miles to classify as a card-carrying Platinum Sky Club member, baggage fees can really add up. Read on to find out how you can skip baggage fees and save the money for an extra mojito on your next trip.

Under $50 Room Makeover If the last time you bought Mod Podge was to decorate a sorority paddle in college, then it’s time to brush up on your crafting skills. Redecorating doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, but you’ll need to spend a little time reworking some old items.

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  1. JustHazel

    3 years ago

    ^5 on the Sand Pudding, I can’t wait to try this. Problem is that if I make something, I eat it all since there’s no one else around but 4 legged fuzzballs. Something about sand and cats makes me think other thoughts.

    I don’t have the discipline to eat a little then do the unthinkable and pitch the rest. Oh I’d best be creating some type of social situation as an excuse to make Sand Pudding!


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