DealPro Blog RoundUp- 6/28


We’re half-way through the week, so it’s time for our weekly DealPro round-up. Check out the top 10 posts that caught my eye below.

Rewriting Your Price Book Chances are that when you visit the grocery store, you typically stock your shopping cart (or basket, if you’re a small town girl living in a lonely world) with generally the same items. By putting together a list of prices that you’re spending on each item, you can get a better idea of when an item is lower or higher than normal. If you like to switch things up by visiting multiple stores, this can also show you what stores you should be purchasing certain items in.

Easy and Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income This Summer: Invest $100 and Make a $500 Profit Yes, it sounds spammy and Pyramid scheme-ish, but it’s from our DealPros, so I can promise you that it’s not. Besides, any article that talks about Otter Pops is something that I’m on board with.

Magnetic Chore Chart Ideas Let’s face it, most of the time, kids aren’t exactly jumping up and down at the prospect of doing chores. Chores can be a great way to teach your kids responsibility, but don’t expect them to remember them entirely on their own! Creating a chart will help you keep track of who’s cleaning what. While each household probably has their own version of a chore chart, here are some fun ideas for making yours something to display and not hide in the kitchen.

Using Recycled Glass to Make Flowers My Pinterest feed is filled with adorable decorations and DIY projects on a budget. This one is a little more labor-intensive, but yields great results.

Operation Christmas Cash- Saving Up For Christmas All Year Long Christmas is a huge cash drain for many families, and while Credit Card use has its place, no one should be going into piles of debt so that their child can have a new Furby (…or whatever the hot new toy is this year. My knowledge of children’s toys stops circa 1999). By setting aside a bit of money throughout the year, you can have a spending fun saved up ahead of time and splurge a bit more.
50 Creative Ideas For Mason Jars  Freezer jam, decorative succulent vases, clever glasses for cocktails… okay, I’m out of ideas, and that’s only three different things! Mason jars are a cheap investment, and the sturdiness they provide stands up to quite a bit. If you’ve cleaned out the last of the strawberry jam you made, here are some more ideas of what to do with the jars.

How To Set Your Printer to B&W If you’re a coupon fiend who’s printing offers out constantly, you might be wasting ink by using the color setting. Switching to black and white can help save you money by extending the life of your toner.

10 Best U.S. Cities to Visit on a Budget Looking to take the family on a vacation without completely depleting your savings account? Some cities are better suited for cheaper trips than others (think San Diego rather than San Francisco), and budget accommodations can more easily be found. Before you set your trip itinerary in stone, consult this list to plan where to visit.

Garbage Day: Reusing, Repurposing Common Household Items Why throw something out when you can reincarnate it as something else? I’m a huge fan of reusing items, old t-shirts stolen from ex-boyfriends truly make the best cleaning rags- but don’t take my word for it. If you’re stuck wondering what else you could possibly reuse, check this list.

Gluten, Dairy, and Egg-Free Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Summertime means ripe strawberries are readily available, so if you’re a fan of fresh fruit pies, hurry to the store and preheat the oven. As more and more individuals are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and other food allergies, finding alternative recipes has never been more important. Even if you don’t know someone who’s vegan/gluten/casein-free, this is still a delicious and healthy spin on an old classic.

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