DealPro picks: Top commercials from Super Bowl 47


Do you know what the average cost of a Super Bowl ad was this year?  According to the Wall Street Journal, a 30 second-spot cost about $3.8 million dollars. That sounds about right (even though it’s crazy!). There’s so much hype built around the commercials, it’s become a sport in itself for millions that tune in just for the ads.

You would think that those 30 second-spots on Super Bowl Sunday would win advertising awards, but surprisingly they don’t and actually get ignored, except a few.  So after spending all that money, casting celebrities, coming up with clever or in some cases racist ideas like this year’s controversial Volkswagen ad, was the public brand-washed at all? I mean how many more Bud Light commercials could we see featuring Stevie Wonder. After awhile, I wanted take that “lucky chair” and throw it to a far, far away land.

Almost everyone I talked to had a list of their favorites and a list of their least favorites. Of course, if we sat down and compared lists, I’m sure everything could be debatable. We asked our DealPros what some of their favorite ads were and a lot of them chose the same ones. They also disliked the same ones like the Godaddy spot featuring Bar Rafaeli making out with a nerd. Yes, I get it. But really? Kristi of Saving Dollars and Sense has a good list of the one’s I enjoyed myself in her Favorite Super Bowl 2013 Commercials. Like her, I like the feel good, give me the fuzzies type of commercial. The other ones tried too hard to do too much, but the ones that had a good message had the most impact on me.

Some of our other DealPros’ favorites:

“Paul Harvey – Farmers, Budweiser and Tide” – Tiffany from My Litter

“Paul Harvey Dodge Ram Commercial and the Doritos one with the goat are the first ones that come to mind.” – Phoebe from Cents To Get Debt Free

“I really liked the Taco Bell with the old people and Sodastream commercial.” – Jenna from Bucktown Bargains

This is my favorite hands down – Amber from Coupon Connections

“Loved the Farmer one, Clydesdales & the Jeep one!” – Jen from Thrifty NW Mom

The popular ads amongst our Savings community were the ones that grabbed our hearts. And of course, the ones that weren’t as popular and went on the gross meter happened to be the Godaddy commercial featuring the most beautiful woman in the world (interesting).

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  1. LeaAnn.Stundins

    2 years ago

    The Farmer spot was done by my old *awesome* agency, The Richards Group, in Dallas. Yeah!

  2. Susan.Yoo-Lee

    2 years ago

    Was my favorite one! :-)

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